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Generosity is Needed when Selling Food

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Food business is not only tiring but also requires excellent management skills in identifying slow days from good selling ones. Yes, it can be learned from culinary, restaurant management and other related educational disciplines – but nothing can beat experience and people instinct plus the relationship factor with the community.

This blog will not talk about how to cook fast selling food items but how to excel in the business without much capital for facility development and marketing.

Take note that wherever your location is, there will always be people looking for food when they wanted something different from what they can cook at home. That means to say, you already have captured market wherever you may locate your food business. It’s just a matter of measuring your market and preparing exactly for that.

The most painful loss in this business is the spoilage. So, effective preservation equipment and methods are crucial. A refrigerator – better yet a freezer cannot be left behind to make your life easier. The amount of ingredients must also be balanced between the daily demand – and availability. Alternatives can also be very helpful for your menu.

Anyhow, the key is knowing the daily movement of your community. It is very important however that the manager or owner is acquainted with the different people in that community. The job is very basic but noble. The top person of the business should show an addictive personality that is that of a natural generous person.Customers should get the feeling that they always get more than what they bargained for. Generosity therefore is the key to the success of a food business.
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