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Aspiring Sexy Models Fall Prey to Sextortion using Social Media

Sexy models

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Aspiring sexy models fall prey to sextortionists using social media according to GMA News report recently. It is a crime combining sexual motives and extortion.

[VIDEO]: Many young women still fall victims to sextortionists. They promised them jobs as models and ask for sexy or nude photos for alleged screening. They then threaten the applicants to upload the photos via social media if they do not pay and have sex with them

The Offer

Two males suspects landed in Las Pinas police custody when they pose as female recruiters for sexy models online. They offer 10,000 Pesos per photo if the candidate qualifies.

Screening Requirement

Ultimately, the screening process involves sending a nude photo. This is on top of other photos that the applicants submit in their portfolio of sexy shots.


The candidate will then be threatened to expose her nude and elicit photos on social media if she refuses to pay the amount of money the sextortionists demand.

Also Happens in the USA

The college student accused of hijacking the webcam of Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf and other young women is a former high school classmate of the pageant winner. The suspect allegedly took nude images of the women using their own webcams, and then blackmailing them to send more explicit material.

Man Became Victims but do not Report

The police found more nude photos in the office of the sextortionists that prompted them to urge other victims to come forward. The Estafa or Extortion case will be stronger when there are multiple complainants.

Miss Teen USA’s advice to sexy models

  • Be careful what you are doing on your computer. There are cameras on computers and iPhones. Be careful of what you are doing in front of your camera.
  • Change passwords on e-mail and social media accounts. Make them difficult.
  • Delete cookies and browsing history.
  • When not communicating with a loved one or friend, put a sticker over the computer webcam.

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