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3 Annoying Coupon Code Experiences


By: Elena Grace Flores

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Shopping online is great mainly because of convenience – apart from all the other benefits like saving time, money and efforts but due to some distributors’ intention of getting more sales, a coupon code can be easily misused thus, discouraging buyers. Let’s see if you’ll agree with me:

  1. I had fun selecting products recently from a technology site and spent some time in choosing the best buys. I’ve dragged the selected items in my cart and just before paying with my Paypal account, the system asked if I have a discount code. I immediately felt like the prices that I think were affordable can actually still be lowered down. So, I cancelled the purchase and started to chase where those coupon codes were – to my dismay. I got too exhausted and forgot all about my near-purchases.

  2. I felt priviledged when I got a huge discount from being a first-time purchaser from one site. Soon after that, I’ve been receiving emails informing me how much I could save on my next purchase. When the time came that I needed to buy from the same supplier again, I wanted to avail of the next purchase discount offer – but the copupon code was nowhere to be found. Since I really need the product, I was forced to purchase in full amount. Can you imagine how bad I felt? It’s like being cheated!
  3. It’s tempting seeing discounted rates on regular subscriptions online. What’s annoying is that, most sites offer very attractive monthly rates. However, when you finally decide to buy, the discount is applicable only when you buy the full annual subscription. Not only that – the e-commerce tool even locked in the sale to the one year minimum package. So, there’s actually no such thing as the monthly promotional program.

These are just 3 of my disappointments when buying online – and I’m taking this opportunity to publish them hoping that publishers of such commercial websites will learn how to strategically distribute or place their coupon code in their online platform. It’s simple. If you want to sell more, make your coupon codes visible to prospective buyers and design an easy process for the buying public to benefit from them. I am sure there’s a way to automize this thing.

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