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30% are Locked in Votes for Binay by Solid Groups

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Why are the Binay groups confident that Vice President Jejomar Binay will be victorious in the upcoming Presidential election? Most volunteers would know that money is scarce during the campaign period if not none at all – but the works of those who love the Vice President cannot be ignored!

Forget INC and other questionable groups. The 30% of the registered voters does not even include 6 million from El Shadai, Binay-Toots Ople supporters, Magdiwang, Guardians, The Villars, Mike Rama of Cebu’s party plus many more. Binay is backed up by solid groups that no one can fathom. Get to know them:

From Binay Brigade Headquarters: APO, BOY SCOUTS, UP LAW, NDCP ALUMNI, OSMAK ANG UMAK RECIPIENTS, MILF, MNLF, SULTANATE, BINAY BONGBONG GROUPS. These are calculated to provide 15 million votes in minimum. That’s already more than 30 percent of the expected turnout.

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