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5 Best Tips to Project a Perfect Smile Ever


By: Gemma Lagasca


SmileEverybody loves photos isn’t it? We all love to take photos and catch every nostalgic moment we want to keep for a lifetime. We also project our perfect smile on every clicks of the camera.  Fortunately, we don’t need to become a celebrity to show the whole world our photogenic smile, and the best places and best event that we’ve been through—thanks to the latest technology! And also we love to share our photos to our friends by uploading them in the social media or even print them and put them in frames to be decorated at home.  But wait; does everyone know how to project a camera-friendly smile?  If so, here are some sparkling tips for your curiosity.

1.    Project a gentle and natural smile. According to Lily T. Garcia, DDS, MS, FACP, smiling gently and naturally will set your face looks relaxed. This kind of smile is also known as “parade” smile—you can hold on a striking smile for longer hours without an awkward-looking photo. Your mouth should be slightly opened and your lower lip should go along with the curve of your upper teeth.

Ms Garcia, President of American College of Prosthodontists also cited that “You’ll feel the edges of your upper front teeth gently touching your lower lip”. She also added that your cheeks may rise just enough but not too much.

2.    For women make lipstick your best buddy. Make sure to choose the right color of lipstick that will work for your skin color. Unfortunately, when you choose a dull and wrong color it will emphasize a yellowish tone on your teeth instead if you have. So Garcia says “The right shade of lipstick can make teeth look whiter”. Opt for shades like berry, plum, rosy pink and cherry red—the pinkish-based and bluish-based undertones will help hide the teeth’s yellowish tones.

3.    Don’t project with a double chin. There is an appropriate posture to pose a photogenic smile without the existence of double chin. According to the expert, Pamela McClain, DDS, do not slouch your body or move your head too bent forward. Instead, turn your head slightly while dropping your chin so that your face will not looks like a perfect square angle.

4.    Practice makes perfect. If you are thinking of a big event and expecting camera flashes will surrounds you on that event, take your time in practicing how to create a beautiful smile. Stay in front of a mirror and project the best smile that you can. You can ask a friend or a family member to take some photo shots to see if you’re projecting a stunning smile. Try to do it in different angles while moving or turning your head as you show your smart shoulder. Just feel the moment so that it won’t reflect a forced or fake smile.

5.    Maintain healthy gums and teeth. Even if you’ve got the best smile but have an unhealthy teeth and gums, it will only tear down your photogenic smile. Make sure to visit your dentist to maintain healthy gums and teeth because it’s a primary health concern.

Just be yourself and enjoy every nostalgic moment with your loved ones. Being naturally happy will show-off the best photogenic smile ever because it reflects the voice of your heart that’s coming from within.

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