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7-M Pesos Amassed by Robredo Supporters Questioned after Supreme Court Disapproval


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Netizens can’t help but wonder what happens now with the money collected by Leni Robredo’s supporters. They amassed P7 million for the second payment of her counter-protest against Bongbong Marcos. The Piso Para sa Laban ni Leni campaign said it was only short of P400,000 to reach its P7.4 million target as mainstream media reported. However, The Supreme Court that sits as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), rejected the petition. There’s no news yet on the outcome of their motion for reconsideration.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: The Supreme Court, sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, rejects the petition of VP Leni Robredo’s supporters. This is to help pay the remaining fee for the election protest filed against her.

Piso Contribution

Robredo’s supporters disclose that every peso is a contribution of the Filipino voter. A tricycle driver, OFW, housewife, laborer, artist, entrepreneur, and industry leader allegedly spared a Piso to protect his or her vote.  Former human rights commissioner Paulynn Sicam said this. Therefore, every peso is answerable as well since the law does not allow their illegal campaign.


The recount of the 2016 vice presidential votes is about to begin mid-August after the Supreme Court decides to push through with Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against Robredo. It is nevertheless obvious that the issue is buried amidst the Comelec Chair’s fiasco. This is after his wife squeals of ill-gotten wealth while trying to determine her fair legal share of his net worth.

Must not Receive Gifts

Presidential Decree No. 46 prohibits public officials from receiving gifts or any other valuable thing. This is on any occasion when the gift is given because of an official’s position. Regardless of whether or not the gift is given for past favors.  As well as to expect a favor in return or better treatment in the future.

Lawful Ruling

The same rule against such campaign is stated in Republic Act No. 6713. This specifies that unacceptable gifts include those with a value that “is neither nominal nor insignificant.” It is noted that most Liberal Party fanatics from the Comelec Chair’s brother to the “Piso” group members do not adhere to the law. This is evident in their actions. Perhaps, one reason why they are the subject of government scrutiny ever since the Marcos era. Then, they have the nerve to retaliate that they are the victims when it is otherwise.

2 thoughts on “7-M Pesos Amassed by Robredo Supporters Questioned after Supreme Court Disapproval

  1. The “Piso-Piso” collection of Robredo is not valid. Aside from it is illegal, it is also fictitious. They have the huge amount of fund if needed but they are losing the confidence of winning. They decided not to pursue to save the amount of money that supposedly will waste. What is 400,000 difference against 7 million if they are really interested?

  2. The group that initiated this “Piso -Piso “for LeniFraudredo have nothing in mind but HELP DELAY THE RECOUNT.Whether or not the group has lawyer members, they knew their move is ILLEGAL but went ahead to collect. From here, they would ask the SC for another motion for reconsideration,again a dilatory tactic! The PET should stop its leniency on LeniFraudredo,without admitting it, it’s very obvious!

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