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A Big Call to Senator Imee Marcos on her Mother’s Economic Crisis Remedy

economic crisis

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by AP Archive

Senate Hearing with the Former First Lady Imelda Marcos

Help Implement the FEM’s Last Will and Testament

The good Senator Imee Marcos consistently calls for the questionable officials to take a leave while the Senate conducts an investigation on the alleged Philhealth Corruption. She also calls on internet providers to put security measures on child pornography fiasco online. Nevertheless, during the pandemic, many Filipinos are greatly suffering. The big question is; Why can’t Senator Marcos call on Congress to look into the Will and Testament of her father as pleaded by her mother many years ago? The wealth under the Marcos foundation can remedy the economic crisis that the country faces today, according to the former First Lady.

YouTube video by GMA News

The Wealth for the World

On this TV interview, the questioning by the anchor, Mel Tiangco is a bit misleading. Are you willing to return a part of your wealth to the country? Mrs. Marcos graciously answered: Not just to the country but to the world! There is nothing to return if the ownership is with the foundation. The purpose and guidelines to retrieve them from the trustees can’t be corrupted. This is why Congress is needed due to its legality. It looks like the late President Marcos used his brilliance in safeguarding them for thieves.

The Congress’s Responsibility

The wealth for humanity is a public interest. Congress has the responsibility to take this as a priority. Corruption cases are merely a waste of time because there are always justifications for everything under the law. They can only hurt people and won’t do much for the majority. It is time to make this a priority ASAP. There are surely bigger issues surrounding this mystery but time will come that the uncertainty of the current situation will go out of hand. It is crucial to give hope at the least rather than add up to unnecessary stress to the already vulnerable nation. So, urgent action is needed.

Fr. Jose Bosch Innovative Skills Training Advocacy Cooperative (ISTAC)

Can the Wealth for Humanity Deposited by Ferdinand Marcos be Used for the Coronavirus Aftermath?

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