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A Filipina in the UK is Grateful for Prince Charles’ Degree of Respect for Bongbong Marcos


By: Elena Grace Flores

One News PH
[VIDEO]: Prince Charles greets Filipina, mentions presumptive president BBM

Degree of Respect

A Filipina in the UK shared her close encounter with Prince Charles recently. She was overwhelmed by his majesty’s comment. He said; “I see that you have elected a new president.” She replied; “Yes and we love it! It’s Bongbong Marcos.” “What a wonderful name,” he answered. There’s nothing greater than the prince’s degree of respect for the majority of the Filipinos’ choice.

Bongbong Marcos

The name Bongbong is significant to the well-informed Filipinos. It resembles the sound of a bell; Bong Bong. A prophecy did said that the country’s 17th president will have a repeated name that is the sound of a bell. He will lead the Philippines to prosperity. Just imagine the degree of hope the over 31 million Filipinos have for the nation.

No Room for Negativity

Bashers are finally put into their proper place. As prominent world leaders respect the people’s choice, some detractors remain bitter. Those who are sport enough to accept defeat are already one with the nation. The small fraction of the losers can only rant and show their bad nature.

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