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A Former SC CJ Doubts Robredo’s Claim of 15,000 More Votes after Recount


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by ANC 24/7

The Supreme Court can dismiss Bongbong Marcos’ case right away if the recount results were beyond reasonable doubts.

The Supreme Court Has Doubts

Former Philippine Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban says the PET made the right decision to get Marcos and Robredo’s comments. This was on the tribunal’s protest report after the recount. Panganiban echoes then Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin’s statement: This is all part of due process. Besides, only the Supreme Court knows the numbers of the recount. Both camps and the public actually don’t know. Robredo just made an assumption.

Appreciation of Votes

Due process dictates that to determine the winner of a recount, the numbers are not the only basis. The appreciation of votes is as important as the recount results. That’s the reason why there are judges in the Supreme Court. They must make the ruling, whether or not they are tampered; Panganiban explained.

Just Assuming

Therefore, it is safe to say that the sitting VP was just assuming that she gained 15,000 more votes after the recount. Worst, the alleged fact-checker supports her lie. This is the very reason why she can never get the sympathy of the majority of the Filipinos. She would say anything that would save her. But instead, he became the most hated VP of all times.

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