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A New VP is Likely to be Next in Line to the Presidency


By: Elena Grace Flores
As rumors regarding the Presidency of PRRD looms because of his health, it is found that Rule 65 is obviously not the PET’s basis for Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest. They  now open the possibility of examining more provinces. This is beyond the 3 priorities of Marcos. The two parties have 20 working days to comment on the results of the initial recount. Plus the 4 issues  in relation to the former ARMM provinces where the alleged massive fraud happens. This Rule 65 is the reason why Senior Associate Justice Tony Carpio and Justice Caguioa differ from the resolution of the majority. However, Marcos’ spokesman, Atty. Vic Rodriguez said that the law goes beyond Rule 65. In fact, it is up to 75. Leni Robredo should already be out of the game if she sticks on that rule because it said that if payment is not made in full such as the case of her counter protest, it cannot continue. Therefore a new VP could be next in line for the Presidency as President Rodrigo Du30 wishes.

YouTube video by CNN Philippines
The Source: Vic Rodriguez and Romy Macalintal

Following Due Process of Law for the Vice Presidency and Presidency

Justice Marvic Leonen said that the decisions to favor Marcos is all part of fair play and due process. The Constitution guarantees due process for the the two top posts – the Vice Presidency and the Presidency. The resolution is not a final decision on the electoral protest case. In other words, this whole case goes on. The election protest starts last June 29, 2016 and it took more than 3 years until the initial recount results.

Review on Marcos’ 3 Courses of Action

Marcos had 3 causes of action as follows:

1st cause of action: Question the integrity of the 2016 elections and declare Robredo’s proclamation as null and void (this is set aside)

2nd cause of action: Declare massive electoral fraud in 36,465 precincts which cover 21 provinces, 5 cities, and one district in Northern Samar. This already includes the 5,415 precincts in Marcos’ chosen pilot provinces of Negros Oriental, Iloilo, Camarines Sur (Irregularities in the pilot provinces cause the justices to vote for the recount to continue).

3rd cause of action: Declare null election results in Lanao del Sur, Basilan, Maguindanao (all part of the former Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao or ARMM). (This can be next)

Wider Margin is Not the Basis

Associate Justice Benjamin Caguioa, who is in charge of the case said that they had to retrieve thousands of ballot boxes, recount millions of ballots, and rule on every objection by both the Marcos and Robredo camps. Their initial recount shows that the margin of votes between the two contenders even widens from 263,473 votes to 278,555 in favor of Robredo. However, the majority of the justices are in favor of Marcos because of the anomalies and the unknown origin of Robredo’s votes. The INC is still in limbo where their votes went in Marcos’ pilot provinces.

Marcos Camp’s Analysis on Rule 65 Can Disqualify Robredo

The former Senator insists that fraus denies him of the vice presidency. The presumptive Vice President also stands firm that she is the real winner in the 2016 race. Rodriguez, however, said the high court could tackle both causes of action at the same time. He rejects PET Rule 65, which the Robredo camp hangs on to. ” We know how to understand the law, the law says ‘may.” It’s permissive. Rodriguez also denies claims that their camp often changes tactics to delay the proceedings. The 3 causes of action are legitimate from the start, he added. Could a new VP be next in line to the Presidency?

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