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A No-Match in Debate: BBM Deserves the Credit over Pacquiao based on Foreign Policy Answers


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Pacquiao is a No-Match to BBM on Foreign Policy Debate

BBM Deserves Credit

Senator Manny Pacquiao’s one-on-one debate challenge with BBM is a laughing stock on the internet right now. Just judging from their foreign policy answers in different venues. It was very difficult for the boxer to express his thoughts when he only meant this; We will not just give up our country. We would not allow ourselves to be bullied. You saw me, even in my boxing career, I did not allow my giant enemies to bully me. So, BBM deserves the credit for ignoring him.

Pacquaio is a No-Match to BBM

BBM always has good words for Manny Pacquiao for giving honors to the Philippines in the boxing arena. He even treated him as a friend at one point. Nevertheless, the prodigal man’s personality has changed as Pacquiao aspires to be president. Still, the credit goes to BBM for not going down to his level.

BBM’s Foreign Policy Treatment

Bongbong Marcos said that he understands that the country’s continuing row with China arose from overlapping claims in the West Philippine Sea, but he maintained that his policy must be for the general welfare and benefit of every Filipino. “You cannot afford mistakes or misjudgments or lack of understanding when it comes to the Department of Foreign Affairs when it comes to foreign policy. We have to get it absolutely right,” he said. “The Philippines right now is trying to walk a very fine line between all the superpowers. I mean, we are talking to the United States, we have a special relationship with the US, which will endure, I think, throughout our lifetime,” he said. “Now, the emerging power in the region, of course, is the People’s Republic of China. Luckily, we also have a good relationship with China.”

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