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Achievements of Binay as VP: Know First if you Belong to a Makati Sister LGU

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Most people salute what Vice President Jejomar C. Binay did for Makati – but many are asking; what has he done in his capacity as Vice President of the Philippines?

This may be an irritating question coming from those who did not know – but we take this as an opportunity to guide them a bit into reality. First, find out if your city, province or district is a sister LGU of Makati and then find out the benefits of the affiliation for your countrymen.Read this: Makati Sister LGUS and Benefits

The concept is making Makati as the prototype for government services for the rest of the Makati sister LGUS all throughout the country. That would account for more than 50% of the existing LGUS. Mind you, the project was started by the Vice President since he became Makati mayor some 3 decades ago. So, it’s time for you to answer. What did V.P. Binay do for the country in his capacity as Vice President of the Philippines? For sure, many won’t know since he’s the kind of person who does good things without making sure there’s media around covering the story. That made him the best contender for the Philippine Presidency come 2016!
Source: Makati Solid Binay by SAV Supporters

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