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Activists Corrupt the Youth on Human Rights Day

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By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by Ruptly

Activists staged anti-Duterte rally on human rights day

Corrupting the Youth

Activists seem desperate on human rights day. Their lies about President Rodrigo Duterte have become a laughing stock among netizens. They corrupt the youth by brainwashing them. Children from humble families are vulnerable to such recruitments. That’s why parents must be vigilant in their youngsters’ activities. Some mothers already came forward when their daughters became victims of rape, injury, or even end up dead during rallies or battles in the mountains against the authorities.

Global Human Rights Day

The human rights day anti-administration demonstrations in the Philippines violate human rights itself. The President has the right to be respected and not bombarded with lies. Libel is the case here and not dissent. The President is open to rallies. For as long as they are peaceful. Hurting others and destroying government properties must not be part of the agenda.

Desperation for the Upcoming Elections

The national elections is yet to come by 2022. However, the filing of candidacy is in October 2021. So, it’s barely a year for the opposition to destroy the reputation of a popular president with a 91% approval rate. Duterte is vocal about bringing a Marcos back. Bongbong Marcos also confirms that he is definitely running. It could be for Vice President or President.

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