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Adapting to Elderly Lifestyle Change

By: Gemma Lagasca


Elderly LifestyleDangerous scenarios at home for the elders will come along – adapting to elderly lifestyle change is a must – whether we like it or not as their physical state continue to deteriorate. Physicians and social workers who have been taking care of elderly people knew all these dangers – that can advice on further assistance needed for the elder’s lifestyle adjustment needed for the elderly to be safe and comfortable. First typical personality and physical capability changes are primer in the list. Secondly, behavioral changes will follow in a major way. Note that these changes are hard that exceptional compassion and understanding are needed. All members of the family should be involved in the decision making and the elderly concerned should be aware and understands the purpose for the agreed solutions. On top of that – the advice of a health professional should not be undermined:

Critical Manifestations among Elders

    1. Gradual drop-down in performing their personal habits. They may forget to wear their dentures, infrequent bathing and grooming, not shaving and some physical problems.
    2. Hasty weight loss. They may not be eating well due to being emotionally disturbed while staying home alone and no one is encouraging them to take their meals.
    3. Accidents such as burns and injuries. Elders are generally weak, fragile and have blurred vision- but their minds still think that they can still do their normal activities. They may forget that they are holding a hot pot or they may accidentally misuse a certain chemical that can burn their skin.
    4. Mental confusion and dementia. Elders are obviously suspicious and sensitive. This indicates mental confusion that needs medical attention to help the family handle the situation properly.
    5. Over-dosing is critical and worst if they are unable to take their medication at all. This is due to their old age. They are experiencing confusion and forgetfulness thus mixing-up the doctor’s instructions.

Senior Care Suggestions

By anticipating all those elderly manifestations and danger signs – accidents can be avoided. It is also advisable to get to know how to deal with a particular elder as well. If no one can dedicate ample time for this, there are many options such as government services, facilities or home care to ensure a happy, safe and peaceful dwelling for them.

It is important to let elders settle in a retirement place. There are existing establishments like the Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs) – these are condominiums and apartment buildings especially designed for the oldies ages 62 years old and above. Ideal settling areas for home care are as follow:

      1. Complete amenities. The buildings that have facilities such as pharmacies, salon, wellness centers, groceries and other shopping services.
      2. Latest technological machines for the elders. There should be an available lightweight wheelchairs, Velcro fasteners and remote controlled devices for the appliances. Another vital tool is an easy to dial phone monitoring system in case of emergency.
      3. Home care services. Aged people need kind, sincere and caring personal nurse or caregiver to feed them, clean them and give appropriate medications.
      4. Elders’ day! This is a kind of activity exclusively for all elders. There are some groups of active facilitators to formulate such activities for the oldies. The activity can be scheduled two to three times a week. This way, elders will be inspired and encouraged in enjoying their retirement period.

It is important to note that we shouldn’t treat the elderly as helpless human beings. Allow them to retain their independence and do manageable errands – as long as their body, mind and well-being can support it.

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