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Adults can also have ADHD

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD which is always the diagnosis of a child who is too hyperactive, doing things without thinking and someone who never focus on something can also be detected among adults. If you think you are ironic because you can’t stay still, get bored when paying attention and irritated with details, you may be suffering from ADHD.

It may be harder to see the symptoms in adults because they may be just caused by stress, anxiety or over work but talking to a therapist will make the task very simple. If there are too many people around you who get exhausted when you are around, then it’s probably time to check the doctor for once in your life. You may not suffer from being anti-social if you know how to take care or control yourself – sparing yourself from disappointments and away from having low self-esteem!

ADHD drug consumption increased double in number from 2008 and 2012 based on the drug store administration organization report (Express Scripts). Despite of mature people not paying attention on whether they are suffering from ADHD or not, 0.5% of adults aging from 20 to 44 were still on ADHD medications in 2001, says the VP of authority practice at Express Scripts, Dr. David Muzina. It passed the 1% imprint for male patients in 2004 and for females in 2005, and continuously increasing from that time on. This clearly shows that ADHD is not just a childhood condition – it can continue to adulthood when not closely monitored or worst, neglected!

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