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Aldub Coordinators Reported: Armed Men Stopped Voters in Basilan

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Aldub provincial coordinators in Basilan; Victor Abillo and Abdurasad Teodoro reported that own watchers in the municipalities of Basilan witnessed many voters stopped by armed men securing the voting precincts. This is where all candidates for the top and second highest positions got no votes except the Mar-Leni tandem.

3 of these witnesses are willing to testify through a sworn affidavit that actual voting was not executed in many parts of Basilan. They however wish not to be publicly known for safety reasons.

In fact Abillo got in hand the signed affidavit of an incoming councilor, Amina Muarip, who bravely attested that she and many of her supporters were not allowed to vote particularly in Barangay Candiis in Hadji Mohammad Ajul also in Basilan by Liberal Party delegates.


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