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Alicia Keys Inspired Relief Volunteers during her Manila Concert

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Who would think that while you are repacking some relief goods for the typhoon-affected people in Tacloban that right behind you is Alicia Keys – tapping your shoulder for a job well done? Actually, this is not an exaggeration or hallucination! She was right there without prior announcement. Not only that – the lucky volunteers got some free tickets for her recently concluded Manila Concert. Watch If I Ain’t Got You live in Manila:


 Alicia Keys Feat Regine Velasquez LIVE IN MANILA

Posted at YouTube by: Will Salas

Every individual can make a difference just by helping in their own simple ways – but if it is a famous person showing some compassion and sympathies, the act is multiplied into millions of inspirations. Thanks to those who can still think of fitting into their busy schedule this act of kindness. You are not just there in the limelight to entertain the public but also serve as inspirational icons!

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