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Alleged BBM Emergency Alert can Only Come from the Enemy

emergency alert

By: Elena Grace Flores
UNTV News and Rescue

The Emergency Alert is Designed to Malign Bongbong Marcos
The oligarchs are already on full alert now. This is why they have to sabotage Bongbong Marcos when he files his candidacy for president. Just examine the message in the alleged BBM emergency alert. It is evident in social media that spelling mistakes are common in that anti-Marcos propaganda online. Besides, the terms used are not pro-Marcos at all. The NTC must check into such communication providers.

Not Against the Law

The Comelec swears to investigate of such emergency alert. But the Comelec Chair said that unfortunately, there’s no law against it. It’s not prohibited under any electoral law, he added. So, no further actions that can put Marcos’ candidacy into a halt.

Effects of the Narrative

The narrative might be pro-Bongbong Marcos. But it can bring damage to his reputation. Nevertheless, the people are already aware of this sort of anti-Marcos propaganda. It may also add more glory to his presidential bid. Knowing how dirty the opposition works can only give him more sympathy from the Filipino voters.

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