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Alliances were Crucial for the Win – but there’s no dictating Duterte

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It has been observed that some Duterte supporters were disappointed in not getting the importance expected to be bistowed to them by the incoming president in lieu of their avid support both financially and professionally during his campaign. Take the case of Pastor Quiboloy who expresed his surprise in not being consulted while Mr. President was lining up his cabinet members.

President Rodrigo Duterte might be hard headed when it comes to influencing his decissions and changing his ways but he is reasonable when pros and cons are presented to him by reliable and expert group of individuals concerning a certain topic. This was seen through his attitude towards K-12 education program that he detested among the projects of Pnoy.

It was explained to him by a group of educators from DepEd that our educational system is far behind the international standard thus limiting the opportunities that our graduates can have – and he agreed with the theory. So K-12 is here to stay. Therefore, whatever alliances he may have with Arroyo, Binay, Communist groups and other unlikely entities, it will still be his decission in the end that matters – as allowed by the constitution being a lawyer for that matter.


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