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An Act of Democracy?: Libelous Groups Want Bongbong Marcos Out Desperately


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue

[VIDEO]: New Disqualification Cases still have no Merit

Democracy is Respecting the Rights of Others

The attorney cum spokesperson of Bongbong Marcos said that they respect the rights of some political groups who are motivated to file more disqualification and cancellation of COC cases against BBM. However, they should also respect their stand that the cases have no merit. This is what democracy is all about.

Not a Case of Moral Turpitude

More than 500 lawyers already explained that the non-filing of tax conviction of Bongbong Marcos is not a case of moral turpitude. For one, it did not include a jail sentence which is a primary requirement to make it so. Besides, it was the government who failed to file for Marcos since he’s working as a public servant during the period questioned. Thus, making the accusations libelous.

The BBM-Sara Uniteam Gets Stronger

Marcos never reacted badly to such petitions verbally. His lawyers just handle them in the proper way both online and offline. The brouhaha seems to help the BBM-Sara Uniteam because it’s stronger than ever now. Perhaps, it is safe to say that they are unbeatable. Especially when Mayor Sara Duterte said that she can only do her work as VP if Bongbong Marcos is the President.

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