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An Indian Psychic Refers to BBM’s Detractor as the Modern Jezebel


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by PTV

An Indian Psychic predicts that a woman vows to destroy BBM.

The Psychic Points to a Woman who Maligns Marcos

An Indian psychic said that Bongbong Marcos’ number one detractor is a woman. She constantly criticizes him and his family to discredit their clan. The intention is to block him from becoming President. He elaborates that the woman wins at first. But Marcos will eventually emerge as the winner the second time around.

The Modern Day Jezebel

In the bible, Jezebel was the daughter of the priest-king Ethbaal. He’s the ruler of the Phoenician cities of Tyre and Sidon. When Jezebel married King Ahab of Israel (ruled c. 874–853 BCE), she persuaded him to introduce the worship of the Tyrian god Baal-Melkart, a nature god. Most of the prophets of Yahweh were killed at her command. She manipulated men and destroyed their reputation for her own advancement. The modern-day Jezebel does the same through black propaganda.

The Late President Marcos’ Last Will and Testament

The political enemies of BBM are afraid that he would implement the last will and testament of his father for the good of the people. If the country is managed properly for the citizens’ welfare, their business interests will be compromised. Although the psychic is positive that the son of the late President Ferdinand Marcos will be victorious in the end. Even after the betrayal of a male ally. So, election 2022 should be promising!

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  1. May God hear our prayers BBM for 2022

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