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Ana’s Rappler declaring War with Duterte Sounds like a Jilted Lover

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
I was really expecting war with words between Rappler and President Rodrigo Duterte that’s why I was prompted to read this – which is according to it’s title: Rappler Just Declared War On President Duterte MUST READ! – but quite surprised that those were not intellectual discourse at all. Instead, lots of feelings of disappointments, expressions of pain and lots of regrets same as that of a jilted lover – not to mention the sighing like umms and ahhs.

From the first sentence that says; Oooh, Digong, what have you done to me? To us? – I am not sure if I am going to absorb the sighs of longing or continue reading. Then she went on narrating about her constant expectation of the verbal ejaculations from President Rody on instances that she thinks the President misbehaved – when she only misinterpreted his conduct. She seems to be having a blow of cultural differences. For journalists to survive Digong’s ways, they should revisit their Visayan roots/humor and for sure, they will have fun before they know it!

These phrases are just too sexual for me as Ana expressed:
:Every day you give it to us, harder, deeper than the last time” and “Whenever you display your manhood like that, it makes me bite my lower lip in anticipation. I know you won’t stop. You will just keep it coming and coming.” – Whew just sexually hot! Playful indeed but what’s the purpose? Is sending the wrong message to the President news worthy? Is this the job of a journalist nowadays? Don’t add anymore damage to the already bad name of the local media nowadays. Pick up your ass and go to work and find relevant news that will make our country a better place to be!


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  1. Wow! Very well said. Cheers!

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