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Annulment Attorneys can Benefit Greatly from Heart-Chiz Break-up


By: Elena Grace Flores

Showbiz Star
[VIDEO]: Heart, the heart-breaker?

A Faster Annulment

House Bill 6779, by two woman representatives, Deputy Speaker Gwendolyn Garcia and Representative Yedda Marie Romualdez made it more simple. It states that any marriage by a “priest, minister, rabbi or presiding elder of any church” that had been dissolved will “have the same effect” on the couple’s civil marriage. Other bills that propose an easier process for legally separating from a spouse are still on hold in congress or the senate. In any case, annulment attorneys can benefit greatly from the recent process.  Heart and Senator Chiz Escudero’s case included.

Ian Dy

Ian Dy allegedly admits his relationship with Heart Evangelista. Heart’s husband only asked not to ruin his reputation as a senator. He has given the freedom to Heart. Let the law judge them, he said. His attorneys must have started the annulment process already. Nonetheless, he receives another blow. The news that his wife is actually pregnant with another man is definitely a slap on his face.

Brandon Boyd

Another scenario that is mind-boggling is another bizarre claim from Brandon Boyd. He swears that he’s the real father of Heart’s unborn child. Saying that he was also left by the beautiful heart-breaker just like her husband. The actress did not react to this news yet.

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