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Anti-Du30 and Marcos, Robredo Tries Harder to Reactivate Martial Law Propaganda

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

In the past few days, VP Leni Robredo and the so-called yellow media exert vigorous efforts to reactivate alleged Martial Law atrocities. This is for them to rekindle public sentiments that could brainwash people into turning against the government and its preferred heir, Bongbong Marcos. Nonetheless, the messages of common citizens are already becoming more popular than the bitter words of the Vice President. They should know by now that most Filipinos already know the real culprits of the country.

Youtube video by; PRRD realworld

[VIDEO]: Diego Franco, a 62 year old DSWD volunteer responded to Leni Robredo’s laments of the slow relief and recovery efforts of DSWD during the ‘bagyong’ Nina.

Yellow Media Highlights Martial Law

A known yellow media wrote: On the 45th anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law, we look back at some of the bright, idealistic youth leaders whose lives were cut short under the Marcos regime. This coincides with the alleged killings that they blame the President’s drug war of being responsible for. As passionate people, killings can happen anywhere ever since time immemorial. They are just highly publicized by the government’s detractors to hopefully link them to the President’s campaigns.

Fading Popularity

The Vice President said that only a few Filipinos today have personally lived through the perceived “dark times” by the yellow cult. This was when democracy allegedly died. She added that the nation was compelled to accept its passing quietly. This is through force and fear during her recent “National Day of Protest” speech. Actually, this is not true.

The Power of Social Media

Social media sentiments can dispute this at once. People who pour in their counter-messages to Robredo mostly enjoy the massive benefits of Martial Law during the Marcos Golden Era. LP activists just try to bury them through their media propaganda. Even Robredo’s criticisms of the DSWD were answered by a volunteer worker.

Desperate Revival

Robredo and her allies must try harder to revive their accusations against the Marcoses. The time has come that the truth finally finds its way out. The lies that they spread cannot be corrected over time. Since the digital age is here now, it will not anymore take another 30 years to put everything in the right perspective.

5 thoughts on “Anti-Du30 and Marcos, Robredo Tries Harder to Reactivate Martial Law Propaganda

  1. Hasn’t she yet realized that her speeches fell on deaf ears?

  2. Wla na nakikinig kay Robredo…iisa kasi target nya siraan ang marcos family ng personalan…bakit sya ganun? D ko sya ma-gets galit na galit sa marcos na as if ung tatay nya noon e marcos appointee?nkkasawa na syang tingnan

  3. Robredo looks stupid everytime she talks about Martial Law and the Marcoses. She once said she was only 8y/o when ML was enforced.How could she relate to all the accusations she’s talking when during that time his father was a Marcos ally and was appointed judge by PFEM.. she must have a good and comfortable life then! What happened to you,LeniFraudredo were abused during ML? Were you and your family lived miserably? I am but a poor student studying in Manila then, but life was peaceful and not afraid of having a small amount of allowance because commodities were cheap. I can walk late at night and go to school at 5:30am from PHILCOA TO TAFT AVE without worrying of being raped or robbed!How could you be so stupid, talking events that was only fed to you?

    1. Correct!


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