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Anti-Marcos Politicians Start to Lose Power as Gov. Imee Marcos Influences the Congress


By: Elena Grace Flores

Honorable Fredenil “Fred” Castro, Majority Leader (Interim) District Representative Capiz, 2nd District in the Congress said that the election if a new Majority leader in a quorum automatically made the position of Rep. Rodolfo Fariñas vacant. The manifestation becomes evident after he questioned Resolution 2025 that validates CGMA’s election as House Speaker.  Arroyo actually has no problem with Fariñas being retained as the Majority Floor Leader but another influential group blocks his reappointment led allegedly by Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos.

Youtube video by; GMA News

[VIDEO]:  Rep. Fariñas, kinuwestiyon ang pagtalaga kay Arroyo bilang House Speaker

PDP Laban Membership is Based on Convenience

Castro is not at all bothered by the chaos in the Congress. He said that the House of Representatives remains interesting like before. No one can stop anyone from questioning anything. However, the diminishing PDP-Laban members in power can send members of their group who just joined for convenience to go back to their old political parties. These are the politicians who oppose the government’s directions despite their alliance with the President’s party.

Erasing from the Political Landscape

Castro hints that the PDP-Laban may be erased from the political landscape when after a massive exodus. However, the ones who are truly-inclined with the party’s objectives will remain. They can also start recruiting for new allies to help out in their specific quests.

The Marcos-Fariñas Conflict

Gov. Marcos and Fariñas have a bitter-sweet history of both political alliances and feuds. The latest was in 2017. It was when the former conducted a House a probe into the alleged misuse of P66.45 million worth of provincial tobacco funds to purchase vehicles earlier approved by the Ilocos Norte Governor.

COA Inquiry on the Congress Issue by Fariñas

The COA said that the local government did not conduct the physical count of inventories held for consumption. These include office, food, medical, and agricultural supplies. The inventories that total to over ₱125 million were not checked for completeness and condition. Thus resulting in the possible loss of government funds due to overstocking and deterioration.

No Corruption

In response, the Ilocos Norte government said it will establish an Inventory Committee to conduct a physical count every six months. It added there was no overstocking of inventories. The supplies were not obsolete. The officer-in-charge of the Government Services Offices confirms that he is now waiting for the issuance of the official receipt and certificate of registration for the vehicles questioned by Farinas. The vehicles will then be insured to the Government Service Insurance System. The local government also clarifies that the fuel was purchased from Total in a special and exclusive offer that reduced costs. Any discrepancy found is certainly not a corruption issue but just a mere logistical process realignment for a sustainable spending. It has now become obvious that it is not advisable to be negative about the Marcoses under the Du30 regime. The lady governor surely found favor in the President’s eyes.

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