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Anti-Marcos UP Political Groups are Delusional that Bongbong Can’t Win Over Leni


By: Elena Grace Flores
by GMA News

Delusional Anti-Marcos UP Political Groups
Only two political organizations of former University of the Philippines (UP) student leaders told former Senator Bongbong Marcos that he’s delusional. This is for saying that he will win. Particularly in another one-on-one contest with Vice President Leni Robredo in the 2022 elections. It’s definitely not the whole UP organization and affiliates. Just a few anti-Marcos groups.

Leni Robredo: Keeping it open

Sitting Vice President Leni Robredo keeps the possibility open. This is of running for president this coming 2022 election. Her staunch rival, Bongbong Marcos announces earlier his political plan. That he considers the top post. Robredo is vocal enough as a government critic. While President Rodrigo Duterte is an instrument to bring back a Marcos to the presidency. So, this is possibly another face-off. Just like in 2016.

Political Sensation by the Media

A few political groups gave UP a bad name. Then, the media sensationalizes it to highlight their interest. Obviously, to destroy Marcos’ presidential bid. A dirty political trick that worked in the past. Nonetheless, with the power of social media, they can easily disappear. Just look at the surveys and see who is delusional!

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