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AoC ‘s Social Capital Basics Highlights Relationship as Essential Tool

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Before and after the internet, relationship is already vital to the success of any business. This is why networking is enhanced nowadays even online. Organizing events, seminars and workshops to give out something valuable can gain back some trust and reputation. See how AoC has done it.

A lot of people attend such events with the misguided notion that dispensing business cards with the machine-gun rapidity of a casino blackjack dealer — to as many people as possible — is the way to make a lot of connections. But really, connections that get remembered beyond that initial handshake tend to come about more organically. Sometimes it’s the natural, incidental chit chat at after parties surrounding a networking event that get people to bond. (And maybe a little alcohol after a long day of trying to force connections helps, too.): Check here for the full story:

The Art of charm suggested: So if the very concept of networking — and the events tailored around it — are no longer ideal bastions of making genuine connections (if they ever were), then what options does someone who wants to do it the right way have? Listen to this toolbox episode in its entirety — it’s geared to give you a free leg up with bountiful resources for how we network authentically, AOC style.


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