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Aquino Sisters might be with Pnoy during Duterte’s Inauguration – not in Robredo’s

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Pnoy or President Benigno Aquino’s sisters were Leni Robredo’s popular supporters both during the campaign and financially – but decided to skip her inauguration on June 30. Georgina Ann Hernandez , Robredo’s spoke person indicated that they might join their brother to witness the turnover in Malacañang – after which, the family can have a private gathering probably at Pnoy’s place in Quezon City.

Ballsy, Pinky, Viel and Kris with the latter as one of the top financial contributors were all Robredo’s endorsers. Kris donated around P30.8 million. As of now, they are still waiting for Mar Roxas and his family’s confirmation to attend. They are the only known VIPs invited in Robredo’s inauguration.

There will be no reserved seats in Robredo’s special event. Around 300 guests are expected to attend who are mostly members of the marginalized sectors who have volunteered to help Robredo’s Vice Presidential campaign. Some are fishermen, farmers and women’s group representative.


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