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Are the Contrasts on the Golden Opportunity for Filipinos a Media Bluff?


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Media Propaganda Destroys Ferdinand Marcos.

Media Slander

The mainstream media really doesn’t want to stop their slander of Bongbong Marcos. Why is that? What is really the ultimate reason why they go all the way to destroy Bongbong Marcos? He’s the only namesake of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. His father is the depositor of the world’s gold reserves for the welfare of the Filipinos. His widow, Imelda Marcos blurts this out in an interview with Winnie Monsod. Her stories coincide with her husband’s Lepanto dealings before he became president.

The Mainstream Media Has All the Clippings

It’s ironic that actual interviews on the Marcos gold by the mainstream media are intact. Their video clippings are searchable on YouTube. News on TV does not detail such interviews. Malicious comments and doubtful interrogations are in the highlights instead. They often contradict their own broadcasts when it comes to Marcos gold. Bribery could only be the reason for their actions. So, there’s no doubt that there’s connivance with a superior country for this to happen. Corrupt officials do not have the choice but to follow their goal. After all, there are only in it for money.

Unity for the Golden Opportunity

Bongbong Marcos always has high hopes for the future of Filipinos. He knows something that the rest of his countrymen do not. He calls for unity non-stop. Then, campaigns to stop the hate and multiply love. Filipinos now have another opportunity to take a chance on the truth of the Marcos gold. The 2022 election is fast approaching. Therefore, it’s time to join forces and put Bongbong Marcos in his rightful place.

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