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Are they Provoking President Marcos using Classes of Turmoil?


By: Elena Grace Flores

Sa Iyong Araw
[VIDEO]: Scary Footage of the Alleged Hostage-Taking of Senator Leila de Lima

Classes of Turmoils

Apart from inflation and other challenges, the administration of President Bongbong Marcos faces classes of turmoil. From the resignation of cabinet members to the alleged hostage-taking of the drug prisoner senator, Leila de Lima.

Staged Drama

Many loyalists also can’t help but wonder about the similar patterns of these classes of turmoils. Are they true or fake? The common denomination between the assassination of media man, Percy Lapid who speaks highly of the Marcoses, and De Lima’s recent incident is the loss of lives. Then, the media sensationalizes them.

Provoking the President

One thing is quite obvious in these scenarios. The perpetrators of these dramas clearly want to discredit PBBM. Different kinds of terrorist acts can still follow. Perhaps this will provoke the president to resort to military rule. Then, they can call the president a dictator again. So, when they try to unseat him for any reason, the people will not sympathize with him.

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