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Arroyo-Marcos: Destroyed by Media Propaganda but the Heart Prevails

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Strong women are only strengthen by the tears in their eyes. Filipinos and the world in general have witnessed how former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was sentenced in jail without due process and the ever stylish former first lady Imelda Marcos was dragged into the ill-gotten wealth phenomenon and the martial law era mandated by her late husband, former President Ferdinand Marcos.

Senator Bongbong Marcos’s fight with Leni Robredo in the country’s Vice Presidential race is a clear proof that not all people hated the Marcoses especially those who have the wisdom to weigh what is right or wrong. Win or lose, the country is still divided into pro or anti Marcos.

So, there’s hope in the Philippines that like these two iron women, despite circumstances failing them, Arroyo is Arroyo and Marcos is Marcos. They do not let their heads rule their lives but their hearts – by still serving the people until the end of time and reconcile with foes when you still can. Remember the Macapagal-Marcos presidential race in 1964? It’s water under the bridge now. They allied to get the real democracy back from the Liberal Party. All for their beloved Filipinos!

4 thoughts on “Arroyo-Marcos: Destroyed by Media Propaganda but the Heart Prevails

  1. Hindi vengadora ang tatak MARCOS. Bagkos sila ay likas na maawain. Di gaya ng Aquino gahaman sa kapangyarihan kahit pinapatay pa ang mga kababayan.

  2. As the bible says, “what comes out of your mouth; your heart is full of”. Not not Aquino is such a typical example. Can’t forget the past; neither can’t move on.

  3. Love to see them both after all only people destroy them but truly hearts forgive

  4. In the end, aquino-cojuangco clan will suffer defeat and our. people will judge them accordingly and suffer the consequences to what they have done unjustly.All thesre years,the aquino cojuangco clan lived in fantasies and Lies,all what they have done were for their own benefits and family interest at the expense of the Filipino people! They are power grabber besides being robbers and plunderers!

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