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Aspects where Iphone is Preferred over Android

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Most technically knowledgeable people would say, why pay US$600 for an Iphone that does not do the work? They might be talking about writing Java or installing software that are not compatible with iOs – but most iPhone users do not care about these things. They are more into being abreast with what their trendy friends have. They are also not interested in the fact that Android is value for money with many designs to choose from and its compatibility to a numerous range of free Apps.

Is it really true that it’s not practical to buy iPhone even just for lifestyle enhancement purposes? For one thing, it costs $400 to repair a broken screen from the official iPhone repair center but then, you can get it fixed for about less than the price or less in other phone repair kiosks – using of course a non-apple screen. Once you’ve replaced any part that is not provided by the official Apple repair center, you better buy a new one because there’s no way that you can have it fixed in that iPhone center again.

The iPhone from Apple is truly an expensive trendy tool. This is why one popular version can become obsolete very quickly! It is a culture of high end products not to allow alteration of their invention for “quality” control purposes and perhaps to prevent imitations also. This makes sense with all the advertising expenses Apple paid to promote iPhone – the way the brand is perceived by the market with purchasing capability. This is why, technical people opt for Android because it costs a lot less for the many possibilities it can create or do. After all, some versions look almost the same as the most recent iPhone series – and one major thing is, Android works well with Google because they made them!

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