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Attorney Larry Gadon Thinks Jessica Soho is Too Hostile to Administration-Friendly Candidates


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Atty. Larry Gadon’s Opinion Why BBM Refused to Join GMA’s Presidential Interview

Attorney Gadon’s Opinion

Attorney Larry Gadon thinks that journalists like Jessica Soho are too hostile to the administration-friendly candidate. This is his personal experience, he said. They would only try to intimidate candidates like Bongbong Marcos. To make them look bad in public. So, why risk this? When BBM already gets the highest rating? It should be GMA who must worry about theirs.

Attacks to Pro-Administration Candidates

The outspoken attorney added that in one of his interviews with GMA, he has to rebattle many NPA personalities. Outnumbering the pro-administration bet in interviews or debate is very unfair. Therefore, it is best to boycott them if they cannot provide a neutral platform.

No Harm to BBM’s Popularity

The voters of BBM are loyal whether he joins debates or not. On the other hand, those who are indifferent to him will remain so whatever he does. Criticism can only make him popular. So, no harm to his popularity on that effect. It’s better to boycott Jessica Soho than to be introduced by her as the son of the late dictator.

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