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Attorney Rodriguez Blasts the Interviewer’s Rehashed Questions on Marcos’ Alleged History


By: Elena Grace Flores
ANC 24/7

35 Years of Demonization

Attorney Vic Rodriguez blasts Karen Davila’s line of questioning and comments over Bongbong Marcos’ alleged no responses on the accusations againsts his father. Rodriguez reminds her that Marcos was demonized for over 30 years because of martial law and alleged ill-gotten wealth. He has answered all questions repeatedly. They will not change.

Answers to Rehashed Questions

Marcos’ attorney also has sets of questions for Davila. What’s wrong with martial law? Why did the two Aquino governments failed to imprison the Marcoses of the alleged ill-gotten wealth? Can’t they take out martial law in the constitution? Why? He is however certain that Marcos will answer everything. Besides, the black propaganda is not working anymore.

Unifying Leadership

Meetings with the alleged martial law victims and other anti-Marcos groups are under the campaign plan. This is part of his unification efforts. Although arguing to close-minded people whose objectivity is the primary goal is unnecessary. That can’t instill unity. His attorney added that he’s the top contender and his ratings remain high. So, the people are definitely awake now on the truth as far as history is concerned. Therefore, watch out for the new President Ferdinand Marcos.

1 thought on “Attorney Rodriguez Blasts the Interviewer’s Rehashed Questions on Marcos’ Alleged History

  1. you are dumb Davila…you pretend to be an intellectual but you are not…why do you insist that BBM will acknowledge Martial Law when he was not in a posisition during youor allegations what then would he acknowledge? very simple logic…it the policy of the government then covers these alleged human rights violatuions then I would understand where you are coming from…but your allegations has been running on for 35 years and nothing in court has proepered///so what the heck? you are an idiot

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