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Attorney Trixie Warns on Illegal Sugar Importation as Senator Imee Marcos Tells them Off


By: Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Palace: ‘Illegal’ reso supposedly authorizing the importation of sugar under probe

Attorney Trixie’s Clarifications

Resolution No. 4 allows the importation of 300,000 metric tons of sugar. This is supposedly on top of the earlier imports in May.  But Press   Secretary Attorney Trixie Angeles Cruz said it’s illegal. No wonder Senator Imee Marcos reacts to the news on social media. She said that no one can fool her brother.

Not Authorized to Sign

Undersecretary Leocadio S. Sebastian allegedly signed the fake resolution on behalf of the president. This is illegal according to Attorney Trixie. President Bongbong Marcos did not authorize such importation. So, it is illegal. Sugar importation is something the palace takes great care of. This is to balance the rising prices with the farmers’ local produce.

A Balancing Act

The Marcos administration is keen on protecting the consumers with the rising prices of commodities. But they are also making sure that they do not destroy the local industry. An importation plan must be studied carefully. The act is subject to investigation.  The president may lose trust in the undersecretary or it probably happened because of certain individuals’ malicious acts.

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