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Atty. Chong: Comelec Disqualifies Pivot in Favor of Smartmatic


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Karoni Channel

Atty. Glenn Chong: Comelec Made Smartmatic Win

Smartmatic Won after Pivot’s Disqualification

The Comelec’s Special Bids and Awards Committee-Automated Elections Systems (SBAC-AES) disqualifies Pivot International Inc.-Power Serve Inc. (PII-PSI). It’s the only company that bids against Smartmatic. They were also the lowest bidder. Therefore, Smartmatic gets the contract after the deliberate disqualification, said Atty. Chong.

Lower than Comelec’s Budget Ceiling

Documents show that PII-PSI’s bid of P490 million is below the P170,741,660.47 budget ceiling. Comelec’s limit is P660,741,660.47. It is also lower than the P637,443,308.45 offer of Smartmatic-TIM. Atty. Chong goes through the specifications to prove that the Comelec greatly favors Smartmatic.

Continues Fraud

The clean elections attorney stresses that Comelec’s connivance with Smartmatic to commit continues fraud is very clear. However, to get rid of them would require the Congress to change laws that would take a lot of time. So, Senator Imee Marcos endorses Senator Tito Sotto’s Hybrid election bill to hear it by January 2021. Hoping that it passes into law in time for the 2022 elections. This is the Comelec’s deadline to the lawmakers.

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