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Atty. Gadon Reveals Why Senator Cayetano Can’t Beat Bongbong Marcos in 2022

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Aljo Bendijo
Marcos-Duterte sa 2022, ABS-CBN dapat lang isarado. – Atty. Gadon

Atty. Larry Gadon’s Dream Team for Elections 2022

Atty. Larry Gadon reveals that his dream team for the elections 2022 is Marcos-Duterte. He can clearly see Bongbong Marcos running for President. Although Mayor Sarah Duterte stays quiet, Gadon banks on the support of the Duterte family to Marcos’ candidacy since they have the same aspirations against the country’s oligarchs. They are the reasons why public services utilities are now under private entities.

ABS-CBN as the Tool for the Oligarchs’ Control

Atty. Gadon stresses without reservations that ABS-CBN becomes the tool for the oligarchs and the Ramos-Aquino movement to discredit the reputation of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. Now that all the cases against them face dismissals, it is now very clear that the propaganda that the network publicizes is all lies. He opes that the franchise won’t be able to renew their license anymore.

Possible Candidates for President

Atty. Gadon is certain that Grace Poe is one of the presidential candidates of the elections 2022. Then, Senator Cynthia Villar who is the number one senator during the recent poll. There’s also Ping Lacson and Manny Villar who are making noises. He added that Alan Peter Cayetano won’t be a match for Bongbong Marcos’ 15M voters. He’s also fond of Manila Mayor Isko Moreno who he thinks now launches a brilliant PR campaign. However, as a friend, he doubts the mayor’s consideration for the top post.

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