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Atty. Glenn Chong Faces Off with Chel Diokno on the Chinese Stealing Filipino Jobs

By: Elena Grace Flores

In CNN’s senatorial debate at the University of Santo Tomas, candidates observe the presence of Chinese workers as the Du30 administration improves the country’s ties with China that the previous government stirred. Two attorneys, Chel Diokno and Glenn Chong who has a Chinese surname did the face off part of the forum. Diokno is critical, while Chong offers logical solutions.

YouTube video byElena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: This is a face off opportunity to see who is vindictive and logical on Chinese migrants.

A Neophyte’s Outlook on Chinese Migration

Diokno state; “There are loopholes in the law that the government is allowing Chinese workers in,” Otso Diretso candidate Chel Diokno said. “Why are we going to give this to other countries when we need it for our own people?” Criticism is already the highlight in Diokno’s opening statement. His questions also prove that he has no knowledge about globalization.

Solutions to Illegal Migrants

Former Biliran Congressman Glenn Chong said that the qualifications of Chinese workers should be strictly checked. “If the Chinese is not qualified to work here, they should be kicked out of the country,” he said. “No ifs, no buts.” Now, that’s one solution and this goes to other nationalities as well. Not just the Chinese since the law is already in place. Just apply the sternest imposition of the policy.

What is Globalization?

Globalization is the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale. The Chinese are everywhere particularly in America and Japan. They only start to come to the Philippines when President Rodrigo Du30 opens mutually beneficial trade agreements with China. In the same way, many Japanese, Americans, and even Filipinos are also migrating to other destinations as per job requirements. This is actually a good news.

Language Skills Required in International Trade

Another administration candidate actually made sense. “We do not need Chinese workers at all,” he said. “We should improve our education so that we can all become employable,” Raffy Alunan said. If there are Chinese speaking Filipinos that can work with investors from China, then this is even better for their corporations in terms of workforce overhead. No need to import workers from their country.

Who’s Stealing Jobs from Who?

Aren’t Filipinos famous for being illegal migrants in other countries especially the USA and Japan? In fact, we hear many success stories as well about the so-called Global Filipinos. These are people from the Philippines who manage to make it big in America and elsewhere in their profession. Perhaps, those who are critical of these migrants forget the history of the Chinese trade in the Philippines.

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