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Atty. Glenn Chong: Smartmatic and Robredo Share a Talking Head for Election Monopoly


By: Elena Grace Flores

Smartmatic and Robredo have the same talking head.

Election Monopoly from One Talking Head

Atty. Glenn Chong denies Comelec’s excuse that blames Senator Imee Marcos for deleting the election safety provisions. She probably only made an insertion on the guidelines that takes out the reason for Smartmatic’s monopoly, he clarified. What is obvious is the one talking head of both Smartmatic and the presumptive VP, he added. They have the same pleas and excuses because they only come from one head.

Qualification Fraud by Smartmatic

Senator Marcos is the chair for election reforms committee. She warns the public that only Smartmatic can qualify for the present election provisions. That’s why she pushes for the hybrid poll system. That is now in the Senate. Only Smartmatic has the experience to handle a national election. But Chong said that the machine test they made in Bulgaria was with a Direct Recording Electronic. Whereas in the Philippines, it’s Optimal Mark Reader Technology. So, technically, they do not qualify in that specific provision.

Atty. Emil Marañon III

Atty. Emil Marañon III specializes on automated election litigation and advising. Few of his previous clients were former President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino Jr. and President Rodrigo Duterte. Presently, he is one of the election lawyers of Vice President Leni Robredo. He also defends Smartmatic. That can be a conflict of interest. Monopoly just comes handy for both.

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