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Australia needs to be Independent to Survive Brexit Uncertainty

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Some Australians who do not know how their country gained the “land of the plenty” label should start being concerned with the Global economy that can be shaken by UK’s referendum to leave or remain as member of the EU. It may be a vote against politics and the orthodoxies of the political class but physical evidence shows us that there are significant effects of the event among Australians. The feelings of disenchantment in Australia aren’t nearly as visceral as they are in countries like the US and the EU. People belonging to the middle class in Australia have not been affected in the way such changes did harm to those countries while having post-recession. In any case, things should settle down after July 2.

The results for Britain leaving the EU might be known soon. Although the vote to leave is ahead, it is too early to say that Brexit is indeed happening. The departure from the EU might cause uncertainty and shock, but Australia can still be independent and can choose not to suffer from its effects – as Margaret Thatcher’s reminder went: “expect the unexpected” then nothing can shock anyone.

There are many things Australians themselves can control from inside the country, but there are also many things they can’t control. The happenings in the global economy, how Britain decided to vote, the progress of the Chinese economy, effects with commodity prices – are those cannot be controlled internally. So, a strong economic leadership in Australia is badly needed; a stable majority government with a clear economic plan to be resilient and able to deal with those unexpected turns of events – as the unexpected circumstances are about to happen.


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