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Australian FM Bishop Knows her Way around PDu30 to Discuss Human Rights Unlike Most Media


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Only some media are confused why the president said the human right issues were not raised during the Australian FM’s visit in Davao. The details of the interview of Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop show it all. She did not go around accusing the president of anything like what Leni Robredo is doing. She is professional enough to cover one point to another with full respect to the Filipino leader. Those who understand the ways of the Philippine president have no problem at all in interpreting what he said.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Australian foreign minister, iginiit na napag-usapan nila ni Pres. Duterte ang isyu ng human rights

Australian FM’s Disclosure

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says that they discussed human rights during their meeting in Davao City last week. Bishop said that she relayed the Australians’ concerns with respect to killings connected to Du30’s war on drugs. “During my conversation with President Duterte we discussed the country’s anti-drug campaign at length,” she said. “I conveyed Australian and international concerns with respect to extrajudicial killings and spoke of the importance we attach to human rights and the rule-of-law,” she added. Very courteous indeed. No wonder that the president is not irked with her presence. She did not ask why he tolerates killings and things like that.

Being Courteous is the Key

The President said that he “never discussed human rights” with Bishop and her delegation. ” They are so courteous. Maybe they know. Because if you say that, if you utter those things in my presence, you’ll get an insult. So what we did was to discuss transnational crimes, terrorism,” he said. “Nobody but nobody, not even the United States, ever, ever opened up the human rights in front of me,” he added. It is clear here that the president refers to “human rights” as the alleged human rights accusations promoted by Leni Robredo and her peers.

Spokesperson’s Confirmation

Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella said that Du30 and Bishop discussed terrorism, violent extremism, as well as maritime safety and freedom of navigation and overflight. He also mentioned that Australia pledged $40 million for the Mindanao peace process. The president also expressed interest in learning about responsible mining from Australia.


Some Media Still Don’t Get it

Why are some media indifferent to the Philippine president? It is obvious that they always find negative meaning to everything he says. Are they really for unity and nation building? It only takes common sense and a little research to know where the president is coming from. Not unless one would only like to pick his faults to back his political opponents.

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