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Australia’s role in isolating China when war happens with US


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
David C Gompert used to be the principal deputy director of National Intelligence from 2009 to 2010 and has currently led a US Army-commissioned report to examine the possibility of the world’d two military powers going to war, particularly US and China.

The US and China war if ever is expected to be long, and the destruction can increasingly become more intensive as it lingers. The bizarre thing is that, it could easily erupt just by triggering egos within the affected South China Sea regions over territorial disputes.

Gompert suggested in the report that Australia, a close American ally, could play a pivotal role that could secure the Asian allies if tensions with Beijing escalate.

“Depending on the cause and focus of the conflict, other East Asian states would mostly side with the United States in varying degrees: from support ranging from permission to use bases to the possible commitment of forces (eg Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines),” it says.

“The participation of Australian forces, because of their quality, could have military significance despite their small size.

“Apart from military contributions, the longer and more severe the conflict, the more and perhaps more permanently China could become isolated from the very region it aspires to lead”, as extracted from the report.


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