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The Marcos Boys’ Answer to Rehashed Political Intrigues

Marcos boys

By: Elena Grace Flores
Jennifer Miranda(Mix Vlog)

Marcos Positivity

Negativity has no place with the Marcoses. They always face criticisms with their coolest charisma. Just take the case of the Marcos boys, Simon and Vinny. Their father urges them to join the Dayang Dayang dance during a tribal event. They did this without hesitation. Instead, they obviously had fun too. This comes after their father, Bongbong Marcos announced his presidential bid. While their detractors are busy spreading lies, they just danced the brouhahas away.

The Dayang Dayang Dance

Dayang – Dayang is a Muslim dance means “Princess of the first degree” a title given only to the daughters of the Sultan. However, nowadays, the dance becomes a Tiktok dance sensation. Its moves are becoming very popular in the app today.

A Marcos is Cool

Many voters from all walks of life already decided on voting Bongbong Marcos for president. Most of them just did not care about the alleged martial law history or its reported revisionism. Let alone the hidden wealth narrative of the opposition. They just think that a Marcos is cool. Many videos of the late President Ferdinand Marcos clearly show him talk with wisdom. This is not different from the impression one can get from his son, Bongbong Marcos. Even on live speeches, talks, and interviews. A Marcos is just too cool to resist.

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Biased Media on Presidential Survey Proved Wrong by Netizens’ Street Poll

presidential survey

By: Elena Grace Flores
PweDelie TV

Biased Media on Presidential Survey

Brainwashing by the media is now unlikely. Netizens resort to social media to prove the biased mainstream media wrong. It is said that surveys can do mind-conditioning. Bongbong Marcos is definitely is the top contender for president. Traditional surveys put Leni Robredo next to him. With a few thousand votes difference. This is very different from the netizens’ street presidential survey. So, they blast these media online. Then, counterchecks the numbers in their reports. They find many exaggerations. Indeed, fooling the Filipinos won’t come in handy anymore.

Social Media’s Role on Election Polls

Social media becomes a platform for people’s voices. Number quotes are often proved wrong by netizens. The street survey reveals that voters prefer Bongbong Marcos to any other presidential candidate. Senator Ping Lacson also looks like he has more numbers than Leni Robredo. Senator Manny Pacquiao also has a few votes like Robredo. Therefore, biased media’s reputation is now on the low. They barely survive due to a lack of sponsors.

Local Reactions

In Cebu, it is in the headline in tabloids how netizens are furious over the misleading presidential surveys by the biased media. This is why netizens take the time to cover the dolomite situation. Plus the motorists’ rally in Bicol for Robredo. Both have discrepancies in numbers. This is why most people won’t read or watch the news anymore through mainstream media channels.

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BBM and Son Sandro Marcos on Good Vibes via Social Media in Response to the Localized Media Propaganda

Sandro Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
Bongbong Marcos

BBM and Sandro Marcos are Trending

Marcos supporters’ Tiktok compilation is trending. It features young voters registering for the first time. It’s their intention to vote for Bongbong Marcos for president in this coming 2022 election. Some also defend him against fake news. Like, he authors 37 proposals, and 4 of them became laws. It includes the creation of the youth commission and the department of energy. However, his son Sandro Marcos just excels no matter what he does.

Sandro Marcos is a Heartthrob

In a zoom interview of Sandro Marcos, many viewers can’t help but say hi to him in the middle of the session. He appreciates the attention and is also quite fond of his admirers. He might be running for a congress seat. But he already won as a heartthrob. There’s just no space anymore for negativity. The media propaganda against the Marcoses is already a thing of the past. Who can beat heartthrobs?

Use Social Media on Spreading Good Vibes

In response to the localized media propaganda, Sandro Marcos and his father urges people to share good vibes instead. BBM added that social media is a good avenue for helping people. Relocating missing people, distribution of relief goods, and organizing activities for a worthy cause during calamities and pandemics deem effective via these online platforms. Despite a media platform’s efforts to translate their anti-Marcos messages into various dialects, people are more driven to the Marcoses because they inspire them.

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Imelda Marcos is the Nation’s Mother who Never Gives Up on her Husband’s Will and Testament for the People

Imelda Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
AP Archive

The Marcoses Never Left

In 1995, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. or Boongbong Marcos ran for a Senate seat and finished at 16th place. He was just 2.1 percentage points behind the 12th placer, Anna Dominique Coseteng. But also, that same year, Mrs. Imelda Marcos won a congressional seat representing her native Leyte. In the following elections of 1998, Imee Marcos won as representative of Ilocos Norte and BBM also won as governor of the province. Imee replaced Simeon Valdez, a relative of President Fidel Ramos and the Marcoses, and BBM succeeded Rodolfo Fariñas, who had just finished the maximum three consecutive terms allowed by the 1987 Constitution. “The Marcoses never really left” because they kept their local political bases in Ilocos Norte (Marcos side) and Leyte (Romualdez side) intact. The Romualdez-Marcos political base remained formidable because they benefited tremendously from the 20-year rule of the strongman Ferdinand Marcos, Sr.

The Opposition’s Fear

Now more than 30 years later, the Marcoses are stationed at the very doorstep of Malacañang. Ferdinand Marcos’ only son and namesake is in the verge to retake the Palace come 2022. Therefore, this scares the opposition.

Implement Ferdinand Marcos’ Last Will and Testament

The hidden wealth narrative of the traitors is simply to block the implementation of the late President Ferdinand Marcos’ will and testament. They try to discredit Bongbong Marcos’ presidential bid. They just don’t want the people to know of their inheritance. It’s clear that wealth is not hidden. It is under the Marcos Foundation. Congress must make laws to release them from the hands of trustees. It’s about time that the Filipino must know that they are the beneficiary of that wealth. So, that they can’t be fooled by the Marcos detractors anymore.

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Will the Anti-Marcos Media Dare to Discredit Sandro Marcos?

Sandro Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
Filipino Future

Being a Marcos is Never a Disadvantage

Ferdinand Alexander A. Marcos III or better known as Sandro Marcos mimics his father’s explaination that being a Marcos is never a disadvantage. In fact, it is an advantage. Although he urges people to look at his credentials and political platform for his quest to be a congressman of Ilocos Norte.

Political Platform for a Congress Seat

Sandro Marcos said that he brings the same brand of Marcos leadership. This is the same as his father and aunt, Senator Imee Marcos. He puts forward a comprehensive plan for the rebuilding process after the pandemic. Strategies for resiliency are also on hand. Plus some moves to make the most of technology for the economy. He will divulge his political platform soon.

Expected Bullying Stunts on Social Media

Online bullying is not new to Sandro Marcos. He can inherit all accusations against his father but they do not affect him. He’s quite used to them. The young Marcos urges everyone to look at his track records and not just his family name. The question is, would the anti-Marcos media dare to malign him? Perhaps to recycle their repetitive propaganda against his grandfather. So, they can only try. But risk the end of their network.

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Was Nutribun a Mere US Aid or a Symbol of Marcos’ Support?


By: Elena Grace Flores

The Nutribun Project was a Joint Effort

The Nutribun program was made possible through the joint effort of the U.S. and Philippine agencies. This is under the late President Ferdinand Marcos’ administration. Some local bakeries also cooperated in the project. The arrangement was pretty straightforward: the U.S. through the Food for Peace* program and the non-profit charity, CARE, facilitated the donations of wheat flour and non-fat dry milk powder. These are the primary ingredients of the Nutribun. The U.S. Wheat Associates provided technical assistance to the local bakeries through the supervision of the government. The basic Nutribun formula consisted of wheat flour (100%), nonfat dry milk solids (14%), sugar (12%), vegetable oil (5%), salt (1.5%) and yeast (1%). Later, an improved formulation swapped the wheat flour with soy-fortified wheat flour. It increased its protein nutrients.

Government Supervision

The baking of the Nutribun was done in schools. Those with facilities for baking or commercial bakeries took part. The Catholic Relief Services, the School Health Division, the Bureau of Public Schools, and the Department of Education did the distribution. Plus the coordination on the ground. The former First Lady Imelda Marcos gave them to typhoon victims. But her detractors were not happy about this. Her patronizing this improved relief product made it look like it’s her project alone. Therefore, they are jealous.

Symbol Of the Marcos Era

The Nutribun itself cannot escape from its political inclination. This is by virtue of the Nutribun program’s implementation and coordination during the presidency of Ferdinand Marcos. It gained notoriety for the bread. In fact, it became a polarizing figure of his era. There were varying opinions of it. But generally, they are good. The anti-Marcos media cannot discredit the former President and his widow. Without their support, nationwide distribution and modification may be impossible. This is why people would always remember the Marcoses when it comes to Nutribun. The President has this unifying capability that made everyone want to help. So, watch out for BBM demolition drive.

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Education: Robredo’s Bachelor of Laws & Marcos’ Social Studies Special Diploma


By: Elena Grace Flores
ANC 24/7

Degree in Education

Outgoing VP Leni Robredo took up her degree in Law from the University of Nueva Caceres in 1990. This is after graduating from the UP School of Economics. She graduated on March 21, 1992. That is clear-cut knowing the education system of the Philippines. Meanwhile, Bongbong Marcos studied in the UK. In the ’70s the country has not adapted to the international standard yet. But he was admitted to Oxford. The school for the best students ins the UK. Despite being a foreigner there. Then he successfully got the Special Diploma qualification. Education-wise, his achievement is above average.

Why Special Diploma?

Foreign studies in the UK likely opt for a special diploma. That leads to a graduate degree to save time. This means that the bachelor’s degree academic requirements are taken in just two years. They are compressed from the 3-year course. One must be a qualified bright student to be able to do this. In Marcos’ case, he took up Social Studies where Social Science is highlighted. This is necessary for his Political Science agenda as a politician. He did not finish his Graduate Coursework in Business Administration at Wharton because he won as Vice Governor in Ilocos Norte.

Special Diploma is Equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree

Oxford’s special diploma is not a vocational degree. In fact, academically, it is equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree. Especially during Marcos’ time. At least at this prestigious university. Now, it is taught at a graduate level. So, it is a bit complicated to compare apples with oranges in education. Although, the character and speech show it all. Therefore, watch what they say.

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Attorney Rodriguez Blasts the Interviewer’s Rehashed Questions on Marcos’ Alleged History


By: Elena Grace Flores
ANC 24/7

35 Years of Demonization

Attorney Vic Rodriguez blasts Karen Davila’s line of questioning and comments over Bongbong Marcos’ alleged no responses on the accusations againsts his father. Rodriguez reminds her that Marcos was demonized for over 30 years because of martial law and alleged ill-gotten wealth. He has answered all questions repeatedly. They will not change.

Answers to Rehashed Questions

Marcos’ attorney also has sets of questions for Davila. What’s wrong with martial law? Why did the two Aquino governments failed to imprison the Marcoses of the alleged ill-gotten wealth? Can’t they take out martial law in the constitution? Why? He is however certain that Marcos will answer everything. Besides, the black propaganda is not working anymore.

Unifying Leadership

Meetings with the alleged martial law victims and other anti-Marcos groups are under the campaign plan. This is part of his unification efforts. Although arguing to close-minded people whose objectivity is the primary goal is unnecessary. That can’t instill unity. His attorney added that he’s the top contender and his ratings remain high. So, the people are definitely awake now on the truth as far as history is concerned. Therefore, watch out for the new President Ferdinand Marcos.

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The Former CJ, Zarate, PCGG, and their Cahoots Want the People’s Money


By: Elena Grace Flores

No Proof of Plunder

Representative Zarate admits that the Sandiganbayan decision might be dismissed. This is because of a lack of evidence. But this does not stop him from stressing out that the Marcoses are plunderers. He also made sure that this can be in historical records. Clearly, the Sandiganbayan propaganda is a demolition effort. This is to stop the top bet for president in the 2022 elections. That is definitely stealing people’s rights and money. Bongbong Marcos is the only hope of the Filipinos. So, in the fight for democracy, know the Marcoses well.

Bongbong Marcos’ Involvement

Zarate disagrees that the presidential candidate has no involvement. With regards to the alleged sins of his father. He said that he is one of his beneficiaries. The Congressman cannot even tell the truth. That they are under the Marcos Foundation. And for the benefit of the Filipinos. It’s actually his job in Congress to open the will and testament of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. He is a lawmaker for that matter. They just ignored Imelda Marcos’ plea to defend their interests. Keeping the money to themselves is all they want.

Maligning the next President

The demolition job against Bongbong Marcos can only feed the egos of the anti-Marcos. However, many Filipinos already realized their intentions. His accusers just want the people’s money. They will do everything to loot from the country’s coffer through their media and political influence. So, now that’s history. Therefore, beware of the culprits.

Media Sandiganbayan Half-Truths Fool Filipinos on their Inheritance

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Media Sandiganbayan Half-Truths Fool Filipinos on their Inheritance


By: Elena Grace Flores
ANC 24/7

Direct Denial on the Shares for the People’s Inheritance

The Sandiganbayan allegedly ruled that bank deposits of the late President Ferdinand Marcos at the Traders Royal Bank (TRB) should be returned to the government. But the court also denied the PCGG’s appeal for the reconveyance to it of the 278,488 shares of stock issued in the name of the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). They alleged that Marcos owns them. The Sandiganbayan said the shares are still under the name of the RBC. The bank is not a party to the case. In actuality, this is under the Marcos Foundation owned by the Filipino people. This serves as their inheritance.

No Sufficient Evidence

The court admits that there is no sufficient evidence, in this case, to prove that the shares belong to former President Marcos. They cannot pinpoint also that this is part of his alleged ill-gotten wealth or the people’s inheritance,” the decision read. The court added that it cannot hold the Bank of Commerce (BankCom), which acquired assets and liabilities of the RTHCI in 2001, liable.

Rehashed News to Undermine BBM’s Presidential Bid

The late president’s daughter Imee is currently a Senator. His son Bongbong is running for president in 2022. The bank deposits are clearly the personal savings of the Marcoses. Whereas the certificates are under the Marcos foundation that is the inheritance of the Filipino people. Marcos set this up in connection with the Central Bank, World Bank, and IMF. There are also trustees for this trust fund. This is why Congress must set laws to facilitate its transfer and use to fund government projects that can alleviate poverty.