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Edvan Loh: Leadership is Too Important to be Left to the Leaders


By: Elena Grace Flores

Outward Bound Singapore Deputy Director, Edvan Loh is a guest speaker at RAFI’s LEAD Summit 2019 recently. The Oakridge Horizons venue in Mandaue is very conducive to the activities of the very prestigious 2-day event. This is for the educators in conjuncion with the relevant industries to discuss how to better equip the country’s education system to match the needs of the 21st century students. Loh stresses that leadership is far too important to be left to the leaders. It takes each one of us to bridge the gap. That is you and me, he said.

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores
Edvan Loh from Singapore Imparts LEAD Learnings

A One-Man International Panelist

The Vice Mayor elaborates on the answers of Gov. Philip Tan of the Wage
Loh’s presence during the summit made it a somewhat international event. He braises through his presentations with ease and answers sensitive questions with inspiring messages. The technology evolution evolves too fast that the government sector alone cannot immediately get the much needed advance learning infrastructure ready. In Singapore, mapping out the whole country during the planning stage was the first step. Then, the education players, partners and steakholders take part in identifying the leaders for the big change.

Education Infrastructure Model

Singapore might be a small country but they have created a successful model for the Philippines to follow through in a bigger scale. According to Loh, it is ideal to focus on the strenghts and not the weaknesses. His country is notable for discipline that Filipinos are lack of. Despite of that, he sees the creativity, resilience and good interaction skills of Filipino men and women. It is better to make use of these positive atributes to move forward than to deal with any negativity, he added.

Setting Aside Politics for Education

Confrontations with the government are highly discouraged by Loh. Instead, it is best to discuss things with the industry players and see where each sector can help. This is what the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation is doing. The LEAD summit brings together leaders from the public education sector, local school boards and local school governing councils. As well as experts and practitioners in the field of education and leadership development outcomes. Can they map out initiatives and improve collaboration and create synergy for this quest?

Choosing the Right Leader for 2022

Filipinos might be easily influenced by propaganda. Thus, denying them of good leaders in the past. However, in the technology era, the leadership of the candidates for the highest public office can already become very obvious. By now, Filipinos should already have the slightest idea who can lead the country into the 21st century by looking at their track records.

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Secret Political Allies’ Similar Mindset on Online Professionals


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores
Vice Mayor Mike Rama Vows to Act Upon the Protection of Online Workers

Bongbong Marcos previously reveals his secret alliance with Cebu’s Vice Mayor Mike Rama. Rama was a member of the Liberal Party until he joined the United National Alliance of former Vice President Jejomar Binay. Marcos is a notable patron of technology. He urges industries to upgrade their capability on this area to be competitive. He also supports the emergence of online workers and professionals by continously educating people through his blogs and speeches in adjusting their skills to the needs of the workforce today. Thus, preventing job miss-match which is rampant at the present time. This is the same mindset that the Vice Mayor of Cebu manifested recently in a press conference.

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos
BM VLOG #87: Friends in Cebu | Bongbong Marcos

Online Professionals are NOT Underground Workers

The Vice Mayor elaborates on the answers of Gov. Philip Tan of the Wage Board when asked about why companies are allowed to consider online workers as contractors rather than regular staff. This was when he explains the 18 Pesos wage increase for low-income earners instead of the 300 Pesos demand of the masses at the 888 News Forum at the Marco Polo Hotel recently. Tan talks about underground workers but this is not the case for online professionals like teachers or educators. Fortunately, Rama knows about the Professional status of the BIR for online professionals.

Avid Tax Payers

The wages of professionals who work from home are automatically deducted 10% withholding tax. However, despite the bank’s payroll account, local companies owned by foreign nationals do not consider them employees. Thus, not qualifying them for health insurance provision, social security system benefits and other government-supported advantages.

Similar Mindset

Marcos emphasizes the importance of adjusting the government system to equip its constituents with the know-how of what is required for the modern jobs. He spearheads the existence of the windmills when it was the first in the country. Together with his sister, now Senator Imee Marcos, they made their home province a call center hub. Innovative cultural traditions and attractions are also popular in Ilocos Norte.

Choose a Leader Wisely in 2022

Vice Mayor Rama reminds the press representatives that the elections 2022 is fast approaching. He said that choosing a leader that can adjust to the current trends is crucial. Government processes will be simplified. Efficient handling is also crucial so better observe the traits of a candidate, he added. Is he hinting on Bongbong Marcos?

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If Aboitiz can Excel during the Marcos Diaspora, It can also Bridge the Education Mis-Match


By: Elena Grace Flores
Changes are inevitable. So, it is crucial to adapt culturally. The Marcos years came and drove the Philippine diaspora movement. That made a big impact on the country’s culture and education. English became the medium of teaching in schools then. Now we face the influence of China in both the tourism and investment sectors. The rate may be overwhelming but Filipinos adapt. This is on top of technology advancement. An open mind generates richness in trade. Therefore, the Ramon Aboitiz Corporation, Inc. (RAFI) holds Leadership and Education Action for Development (LEAD) Summit 2019 to fully equip educators and industry leaders in preparing graduates suitable for the changing times.

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores
RAFI spearheads LEAD Summit in Cebu

Talks about Education

The LEAD Summit aims to bring Education players and industry experts for discussions on how the key sectors can work together in providing an effective education for the country’s needs. This is for the workforce in particular.

The Goal of the Summit

The ultimate goal of the summit is to start conversations with regards to the right education for certain jobs. Mapping our initiatives for this purpose can come next. Collaboration and synergy should follow after that among the education sectors and industries.

Key Speakers

The key speakers during the LEAD summit include USec. Diosdado M. San Antonio of the Curriculum and Instruction, Department of Education, Ms. Dominica Chua, President and COO of Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. Notable educators from reputable universities in Cebu are also in the list like the University of San Jose – Recoletos and Cebu Normal University.

Gearing up for the Education Campaign

Sol. Gonzalvo, KAC Executive Director and Maria Rizza Labao, RAFI EDU Senior Program Officer recently invite media representatives from the 888 News Forum at the Marco Polo Hotel to take part in this important event for education. It takes place on Dec. 5 to 6, Oakridge Horizons, Oakridge Business Park, 880 A.A. Fortuna Street, Banilad, Mandaue City, Cebu from 8 AM to 4 PM.

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Just like Marcos’ Time: The PNP Aims to Get Rid of Communism by 2021


By: Elena Grace Flores
Col. Renato Dugan presents an analogy that communism is just like an avid suitor who looks better than a motorcycle-for-hire driver. He would definitely be an easy choice for a lady. However, a media practitioner comments that the problem with the desirable rival is that, he is not keen to marry the woman. Therefore, the subject ends up marrying the other man. Just like communism, he said. If the government just takes care of an area where insurgencies are rampant from time to time, chances are, the vulnerable residents of the area could soon embrace the communists. PLt. Col. Jonathan Pineda, Deputy Chief, Regional Operations Management Division then explains the relentless efforts of the government to topple communism by 2021. Perhaps, just like the Marcos era.

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores
Region 7 is Full Force to End Communism in 2021

The Government Watches Negros Closely

PLt. Col. Jonathan Pineda, Deputy Chief, Reg. Operations Mgt. Div. explains the government’s efforts in getting rid of communism at the 888 News Forum, Marco Polo Hotel, Cebu. He stresses that in Negros, 3 batallions are staying put in the area to clear up the place from insurgencies. They function as part of the community and conduct regular police visibility for crime prevention.

The PNP Handles Insurgency-Free Territories

Cebu, Siquijor and Bohol are already insurgency-free territories. Siquijor is the first province to gain such recognition without documentation. While Cebu is officially the first certified insurgency-free province. The men in uniform vow to carry on with the government’s aim to eliminate the presence of communists in the country despite the dissenting opinions of the opposition that they only exist as an ideology.

Medical and Dental Missions

Aside from the show of the police force, medical and dental missions are regular activities in the aforementioned areas. These are provided to residents without any cost. Healthy mind and body are crucial in counteracting possible communism affiliations. In fact, their number is not anymore substantial to exist further. They only make noises through the media to make them sound enormous, Pineda said.

Government Support to Eliminate Communism for Good

Former President Ferdinand Marcos imposed martial law on the nation from 1972 to 1981 to suppress increasing civil strife and the threat of a communist takeover following a series of bombings in Manila. Later on, it was found that Marcos actually saved the country from communism. President Rodrigo Du30 constantly expresses his desire to turn the presidency to the late Marcos’ son, Bongbong Marcos – whom he believes as his real Vice President. Currently, he is again in turmoil with the presumptive VP, Leni Robredo. He swears to take her down as drug czar if she continues to share trade secrets with the enemies of the state. He did not elaborate.

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Ballot Boxes in Cebu Prove COMELEC’s Incompetence in BBM’s Electoral Protest

electoral protest

By: Elena Grace Flores
Bongbong Marcos divulges the critical ally in Cebu in the person of none other than Vice Mayor Mike Rama. BBM graces Rama’s birthday upon the invite of a mutual friend who is one of the organizers of the event. He also meets Governor Gwen Garcia who is vital in helping now Senator Imee Marcos’ initiatives when she was still in the Congress. Garcia always believes that Marcos was cheated during the VP race in 2016. Sure enough, the electoral protestee can only see the original ballot boxes in Cebu that up to the real standard set by the COMELEC. Unlike the ones they submitted during the election protest recount procedures.

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos
Cebu City is evidence that when public servants set politics aside and encourage entrepreneurial thinking instead, their communities make visible progress.

Governor Gwen Sets Aside Politics

Politicking is not in Governor Gwendolyn Garcia’s vocabulary. She’s always on top of her projects that augment the lives of Cebuanos. The passionate governor spearheads tourism expansions to rural areas  like in “Suruy Suruy sa Sugbu” since her previous term.  Garcia means business when she implements a total ban on live hogs, and pork from Luzon. This is after the Department of Agriculture (DA) confirms the outbreak of African swine fever. There is a serious concern of a possible ASF entry to the PHP10-billion hog industry in Cebu if there’s no efficient virus control.

Mayor Cortes in Mandaue

Cebu officials like Mayor Cortes of Mandaue are role models as public servants . They hardly discuss politics during gatherings. All they think about are the public projects that can bring good impact to their communities. Marcos applauds their dedication to public service that he witnesses with his very eyes. Plus their entrepreneural spirit.

An Old Friend, Secretary Sitoy

A good friend of BBM’s mother, Imelda Marcos accompanies BBM to tour Cordova and Lapu-lapu. Sitoy accompanies Marcos and Mayor Chan and Vice Mayor Sitoy welcome him.

Spotting the Ballot Boxes

Marcos compares the state of the ballot boxes in Cebu to what he saw during the recount for his electoral protest against the presumptive VP Leni Robredo. The container were not as robust as the ones in Cebu. There were also not wet and tidy. Foreign things were seen in each box that degrade the electoral integrity inthe eyes of the public. That gives him a clear idea on how an untampered ballot boxes look like.