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Attorney Trixie: No Policy against Holding a Family Get-Together at Malacañang Palace


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Former First Lady Imelda Marcos’ 93rd Birthday Celebration at Malacañang Palace

Attorney Trixie on Get-Together Policy

Press secretary Attorney Trixie Cruz-Angeles said that there’s no policy against holding a birthday party at Malacañang Palace. This is after some media floats that there are people who think that they are celebrating extravagantly at the expense of the people. The birthday celebration of the Presidential mother, Imelda Marcos is a family affair. They would surely follow if there is already a policy in place against that.

A Family Get-Together

Aside from Attorney Trixie, Senator Imee Marcos, the Presidential sister also said that it was just a family get-together. They had merienda and guests bring in food. The entertainment renderings were also courtesy of the well-wishers. So, they are all free. She claimed to have her birthday party there also when she was a child.

Gifts and Outfits

Sometimes it’s ridiculous how a media report would describe attendees of Imelda’s party as dressed to the nines. When they look normal for such occasion. Painting as a gift for them is also extravagant. The venue with an old chandelier is ancient but for critics it’s something else. Clearly their way to discredit the Marcoses.

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Will PBBM Resort to Loans for the Department of Agriculture’s Funding?


By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7
[VIDEO]: LOOK: Bongbong Marcos visits Agriculture Department

Loans for DA Funding

President Bongbong Marcos did not mention about loans. He wants to use the funds in the possible rice tariffication law amendment in the Department of Agriculture to help farmers. Also, P10 billion is returned to the farming community. Maybe some other budgets are unspent. So, that’s enough to start with.


President Marcos also said that the National Food Authority (NFA) and the Food Terminal Inc have changed their functions over the years. Perhaps it’s time to return them to their original functions, added Marcos. Raising funding for post harvest facility is also crucial in the near future. Loans should be handy for this purpose if ever.

First Visits

While PBBM was at the DA, Senator Erwin Tulfo was at the DSWD. He did a briefing session. Meanwhile Rep. Boying Remulla was also at the Justice Secretary. They attended the usual flag ceremony in their respective posts.

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Hosting Imelda Marcos’ Birthday Celebrations was always Special for the Late President


By: Elena Grace Flores

Bagong Lipunan
[VIDEO]: Birthday Party of First Lady Imelda Marcos at Malacañan Palace

Hosting Imelda Marcos’ Birthday Celebrations

The usual birthday celebrations of former First Lady Imelda Marcos were always special. Not because of extravagant spending. But it’s very affectionate. The hosting format was consistent because the main host was her husband, the late president Ferdinand Marcos himself.

Singing for Her

No birthday party was ever held without singing. He normally serenaded her. Or both sang to each other. To the amazement of the audience. This is very typical for Filipinos. Singing and dancing are parts of the culture.  Hosting just comes naturally.

Message from the Heart

Brilliant as he was, his speeches for his wife were filled with praises and appreciation. Now, the presidential mother just turned 93. Her son is now the president. And the stories go on.

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Behind the Scenes of PBBM’s Inauguration Shows the Different Classes of Attendees


By: Elena Grace Flores

Lintoy Marcial TV
[VIDEO]: 1969 Miss Universe, Gloria Diaz is one of the attendees of PBBM’s inauguration.

Different Classes of Attendees

There may be different classes of attendees during PBBM’s inauguration but the behind the scene coverage shows that bloggers are prominent. Miss Universe 1969, Gloria Diaz was also spotted. President Bongbong Marcos is her daughter’s godfather during Isabel Daza’s wedding.

Uniformed Men

As a response to former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile’s warning about the threat to the new president’s life, the military shows its full capability from land to air. Generals and other high-ranking officials come in full gear. Who would think of sabotaging the event? The different classes of society unite to celebrate PBBM’s victory and welcome him to the number one spot in public office.

Bloggers and Entertainers

Bloggers played a very important role in PBBM’s success. It’s just right that they should have a place in the inauguration. Their features will not stop there. They will serve as the voice of the people in response to the government’s actions and vice versa. Many entertainers were also present. This means that the days ahead will be very exciting for the Philippines.

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Lani Mercado’s Claim on Sandro Marcos was Indeed True


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: PBBM teases his son, Sandro about his girlfriend.

Lani Mercado’s Claim

Lani Mercado once dropped the bomb on Sandro Marcos’ current relationship. Her claim states that his girlfriend is from Bacoor, Cavite. There were speculations that his family is indifferent to Alexa Miro. But, to the contrary, PBBM teases his son during his inauguration as he points to the beautiful girl.

Always at the Campaign Period

Miro was aways spotted during the campaign period. But the attention was always with Sandro. So, there was no mallice at all when the two were always together. Not until Mercado described her during their campaign in Cavite. Her claim was indeed true.

Not Indifferent

The body languages of the father and son during the inauguration did not show indifference towards Miro. In fact, the father was equally excited as the son during her presence. So, all is well. It’s about time for the young congressman to have a pair.

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President Bongbong Marcos is not Interested in Taking Credit, so he Gives it!


By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7
[VIDEO]: We’ve been through times of bitter division but united we came through’: Marcos

Not interested in Taking Credit

The Marcos administration has a comprehensive plan in building infrastructure. His father built roads but his predecessor who deserves the credit, former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte built more. But to do better is not yet exhausted. Changes will happen immediately tomorrow, he promised. He will do better.

Your Dreams are Mine

All Filipinos dream of a better life. Your dreams are mine, said President Marcos. Today, we decide our future, he added. We want our children to grow up in a safe, peaceful and progressive country. We can make it come true by having faith on the Filipinos. The credit goes to the people.

Not Requiring More

PBM vows not to require more from the people but only cooperation. No excuses, just deliver. It was like that once upon a time. He searches for possible approaches by listening to the people. Extending hands to all Filipinos. Come and help turn the wheel, he urged the audience. Repair a house divided. Make it whole to stand by itself again. It may be rough but imagine PBBM walking with us.

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Sandro Marcos’ Total Transfer from a Heartthrob to a Congressman


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Impromptu Speech of Congressman Sandro Marcos

Total Transfer

Sandro Marcos is now a lawmaker. His speech tackles his plans for the Ilocos Norte’s first district. From infrastructure projects to battling high prices of commodities. All these for the progress of his constituents with the help of his family and the people around him. Especially Senator Imee Marcos and her son Governor Matthew Manotoc. Indeed a total transfer from a heartthrob to a Congressman.

The First Marcos

As the first Marcos to run in the first district of Ilocos Norte, Sandro takes pride to emerge victorious. He vows to hit the ground running. Solar light, a bypass road of Loaog city, and to re-initiate the government internship program to ease unemployment are some of the immediate projects. It looks like he can easily transfer to the administrative side in the near future.

A Presidential Son

There’s a big demand for a presidential son and a congressman. The time for politics has ended and public service starts. He asks people to stand as one. Supporting the administration is a way to progress. He is reminded by his father that only Ilocanos helped them during their exile in Hawaii. So, his message of unity is something to live by and he’s now ready to serve the Ilocanos.

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Rice Trading Influenced by Bureau of Customs has Something to do with PBBM’s Handling Agriculture


By: Elena Grace Flores

Sangkay Janjan TV
[VIDEO]: Senator Sotto said that PBBM is bothered about the irregularities in the Department of Agriculture

Rice Trading Corruption

Rice trading corruption is happening in the country. This has a strong influence on the Bureau of Customs. Senator Tito Sotto is certain about this based on their investigations in the senate. This is why he’s positive that the incoming president Bongbong Marcos is handling the Department of Agriculture himself for the time being.

List of Corrupt Officials

PBBM already has the list of possibly corrupt officials from the senate.  There seems to be connivance between the Department of Agriculture and Customs. Trading rice overseas is in the form of smuggling. Not proper exports. Even the imports are questionable too.

Excellent Decision

He was disgusted with what he was hearing, Sotto said. He’s shaking his head in disbelief.  Anomalies definitely loom in the area. This is why the senator appreciates that PBBM volunteers himself to oversee the department immediately. Excellent decision, he added. A big warning to the corrupt ones indeed.  This means the new president is dead serious about his promise to lower the cost of rice at the soonest possible time.

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USA’s 2nd Gentleman, Fil-Am Congressman, and Budget Deputy Director will Attend PBBM’s Inauguration


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue
[VIDEO]: US 2nd Gentleman to lead delegation for Marcos inauguration

The Budget Deputy Director is in the US Delegation

White House said that United States Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff will lead the US delegation. It includes Filipino-American Congressman Bobby Scott of Virginia and Office of Management and Budget Deputy Director Nani Coloretti.

Alliance to Continue

Incoming President Bongbong Marcos’ independent policy does not allow other countries to influence internal decision-making processes when it comes to foreign affairs. Although PBBM vows to continue the alliance with America. some Filipinos are skeptical about the friendship between both countries. Given their treatment of the Marcos family in 1986. That has nothing to do with the US AID budget that his late father refused to accept. Thus, American military bases went somewhere else due to their refusal to pay rent.

Russia’s Offer on Oil

The Russian ambassador just visited PBBM and offered to supply the country with oil. The new President is open to all deals. But to take it could create some indifferences with other US allies. However, when it comes to the welfare of the people, most Filipinos trust that PBBM will make the right move. He’s planning to implement the old strategy of his father. That is to get credit from suppliers.

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The Degree of the Marcos-Duterte Alliance Goes a Long Way


By: Elena Grace Flores

Manila Bulletin Online
[VIDEO]: Marcos thanks Duterte for supporting him, vows to continue his programs

Grateful to the Highest Degree

President-elect Bongbong Marcos assured President Duterte that he would continue his programs. Those that are good for the country. As he expressed his great degree of gratitude to outgoing the leader, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. This is for supporting him and Vice President-elect Sara Duterte.

Salute to the President

Marcos joins the majority of Filipinos in giving the highest degree of respect by saluting the outgoing leader. His strategies were brilliant in making things work. Despite such division of the population. Now, it’s the turn of the Marcos-Duterte administration to continue his works.

Alliance Goes a Long Way

The father of President Duterte, Vicente Duterte was one of the loyal cabinet members of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos. He stood by the older Marcos during his darkest hours. Now, their children are running the government. It would take decades to take down this alliance if ever.