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The Supreme Court and Court of Appeals’ Stand on Bongbong Marcos’ Disqualification Case

Supreme Court

By: Elena Grace Flores

Showbiz Fanaticz

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos Cannot Be Disqualified

Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Clearance

The Court of Appeals cleared Bongbong Marcos of tax evasion in October 1997 because he was not given a due notice for tax assessment. The court fined him Php 36,000 for non-filing of tax returns only. So, he withdrew his petition from the Supreme Court and paid his tax liabilities of Php 67,137.27 in total.

Official Records

Then Supreme Court Deputy Clerk and Chief of the Judicial Records Office, Teresita Dimaisip sent a copy of the entry of judgement to the Marcos camp, Court of Appeals, and the Solicitor General in December 2001. But of course former SC Associate Justice Antonio Carpio did not know that.

Unity Message In Cebu

Right after the devastation of typhoon Odette, the BBM-Sara Uniteam helped the badly affected areas in Cebu. Only together as a unified nation shall Filipinos be victorious during and after the pandemic, Marcos said.

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Carpio Becomes a Laughing Stock Upon Insisting to Get Back the Alleged Marcos Ill-Gotten Wealth


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue

[VIDEO]: Marcos ill-gotten wealth, hindi na mababawi kapag nanalo si BBM na pangulo — Carpio

Ill-Gotten Wealth Accusation

Former Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio becomes a laughing stock after he repeated the alleged Ill-Gotten Wealth black propaganda against Bongbong Marcos. He cites figures out of nowhere. He seems out of tune knot knowing that all the cases filed on this subject are all dismissed in the last 30 years or so.

Not Stooping Down on Carpio’s Level

The lawyer and spokesperson of the Marcos camp, Atty. Vic Rodriguez refuses to comment on Carpio’s Ill-Gotten Wealth accusation. He said that it is a waste of time to answer such allegation. For this can only disunite the people. It is best to not stoop down on Carpio’s level because the people already know the real score on that matter.

Rehashed Black Propaganda

All this rehashed black media propaganda against Bongbong Marcos do not work anymore. The people’s eyes are already open to the truth. There’s no ill-gotten wealth. What we have is the wealth for humanity as per the outcome of the many court cases.

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Can the Notarized Medical Certificate Comelec Requirement Slow Bongbong Marcos Down?

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7

[VIDEO]: Strategist: Marcos Jr. ahead in most credible surveys but Robredo’s trajectory fast catching up |ANC

Bongbong Marcos is Ahead in Most Surveys

Whether ANC likes it or not, most of the political analysts they interviewed said that Bongbong Marcos is ahead in most credible surveys. He can’t also be disqualified as the leading presidential candidate. There are cases that the courts cannot decide. It’s in the hands of the people. This is what democracy is all about.

Hope for Robredo

Meanwhile, Vice President Leni Robredo’s trajectory is fast catching up. Her supporters can only hope that by May 2022, she can catch up with Bongbong Marcos’ votes. Therefore, it is not surprising for any personality to give the former senator a hard time like the bizarre notarized medical requirement of the Comelec.

Media Coverage

However, many Marcos loyalists are amused by the Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon’s requirement after Bongbong Marcos failed to appear in person during the disqualification hearing. Strange as it may sound, it did trigger the mainstream media to cover BBM. They might think that they can assassinate his character by doing so. Nevertheless, people are now more aware that his detractors would not hesitate to do silly things just to destroy him. Thus, giving him sympathy for a greater election advantage.

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Democracy on BBM: Can the People be Deprived of their Choice?


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos Cannot be Disqualified

Democracy on BBM

A law expert said that a leading presidential candidate cannot be disqualified in principle. This is because by doing so, the people will be deprived of their choice. That’s democracy. Atty. Antonio Gabriel Maestrado La Viña is a Filipino lawyer, educator, and environmental policy expert.

Political Law 101

Atty. La Viña said that never in the country’s history that such scenario can happen. BBM will prevail, he added. Despite the many cases filed against Bongbong Marcos, the basic concept of political law 101 is still applicable.

The People will Decide

Regardless of the allegations against BBM, the people will decide in the end. This is what democracy is all about. It might be bad news for the biased media but no one is above the law. They can character assassinate Marcos all they want but he remains the people’s choice.

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BBM’s Precon Absence was Triggered after Attorney Rodriguez Tested Positive for Covid-19


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos apologizes for skipping Comelec preliminary hearing

Attorney Vic Rodriguez is Positive

The two people who are with Marcos almost every day have been tested positive of Covid-19. His chief of staff, Attorney Vic Rodriguez and his security escort. This prompted the former senator to go in isolation that resulted to his absence in the disqualification case’s preliminary conference.

BBM’s Precon Absence

Bongbong Marcos failed to show up for the Commission on Elections’ pre-conference for the disqualification petitions filed against him. He had an order from the poll body to attend physically or virtually. But he experienced symptoms that included speaking difficulties due to throat inflammation.

Too Insensitive?

No one in their right mind who is a Covid-19 survivor experiencing its symptoms again would show his face on camera in an important proceeding. It would be very insensitive for the Comelec to force him to show up even just virtually. Considering the virus’ psychological implications. Besides, his case can proceed with the representation of his able attorneys. Besides, why insist on a BIR receipt issued many years ago when the agency already certified that the dues were paid?

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Senator Imee Marcos’ Claim on the Nuclear Power Plant Economically Wise


By: Elena Grace Flores

NET 25

[VIDEO]: Sen. Imee Marcos’ Take on Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

Senator Imee Marcos’ Claim

Senator Imee Marcos explains her claim on the Duterte administration’s 3 bills for the economy. This is in her capacity as the chair for economic development. Senate Bill 2094 seeks to amend some provisions to improve the delivery of basic services in the country. The Senator also said that the use of nuclear is now regulated. But there are Korean and Russian offers to revive the Bataan nuclear power plant. Although she is confident that the new technology allows the country to get a better renewable source of energy and internet.

Relaxed Laws on Foreign Investments

Senate Bill 1156 amends some provisions of the Foreign Investments Act of 1991. It considers e-commerce business entities as “domestic market enterprises” in particular. This means that those can now be fully owned by non-Filipino nationals with not much hassles.

Lower Paid Up Capital

Senate Bill 1840 seeks to amend the Retail Trade Liberalization Act of 2000 to lower required paid-up capital for foreign enterprises. Senator Imee claims that there’s a need to prevent red tape in this area.

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BBM Puts his High Degree of Trust in Inday Sara on this Challenge


By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Uniteam Ask Us Anything | Bongbong Marcos

BBM’s Degree of Trust in Inday Sara

Nothing can fathom BBM or Bongbong Marcos’s degree of trust in Inday Sara when it comes to the Visayan voters. He feels ready to face the verdict of the Visayan-speaking people because of his able running mate. He’s very thankful of their partnership that they carefully plan strategically from the start.

The Feeling of a Blogger

Inday Sara gets the feel of being a blogger in the BBM Vlog. They seem to be very familiar with each other. From their favorite music to delicacies in their specific regions. Their high degree of respect for each other is just too obvious. That their joint-feature blog comes in very handy.

Visayan Caroling

Marcos admits that he is in the dark when it comes to the Visayan language. Let alone caroling in the Visayan vernacular. He, however, takes up the challenge of learning it. The streets of the nation would surely be filled with singing and dancing after the BBM-Sara Uniteam’s victory.

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Having a Best Friend is Better than Life Insurance in Bongbong Marcos’s Case


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Bongbong as Isabel’s second father.

Who is Gabriel Daza?

Gabriel Daza is the father of Isabel and the late husband of Gloria Diaz. His father, Don Gabriel was the first Filipino electrical engineer. He’s one of the founders of PLDT and Boy Scouts of the Philippines. Just prior to the wedding of his daughter, Isabel, he died of a heart attack. So, his best friend, Bongbong Marcos did his duty at her wedding. This was the greatest insurance he ever gave to his family.

All People are Equal

Daniel and Bongbong met at a comfort room. The hit if off right away. Isabel’s father never treated the presidential aspirant as the son of the president at that time. He pulls his leg like any other best friends common people do.

Friends Beyond Politics

There’s no perfect life insurance that can totally take care of one’s loved ones at the time of the family head’s death. But having a best friend like Bongbong Marcos is an assurance that his daughter will not walk down the aisle alone. Their friendship really goes beyond politics or even life itself.

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BBM’s Election Fraud Narrative Made Him the Frontrunner for the 2022 Presidential Election

election fraud

By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: The VP election protest.

Massive Sympathy from the 2016 Election Fraud

Bongbong Marcos could be the VP today if not because of the massive digital election fraud in 2016. Witnesses point the anomalies to Smartmatic and the Comelec favoring the current VP. The people only had the mainstream media as the source of information then. But now, they seek for the truth using social media and discovered many things on their own.

Unfair Treatment Despite the Evidence

Despite the numerous evidence on the election fraud submitted to the Supreme Court, the en banc chose to ignore them. Their verdicts were unfavorable to BBM. The anger of the people are evident on social media when local authorities report on such cheating in their area.

The President is Against Smartmatic

The election fraud evidence is very obvious that even the president himself calls on the Senate to make a law that would discontinue the use of Smartmatic. Since the people were deprived of their VP choice in 2016, they vowed to support him strongly to win the presidential race in 2022. The BBM-Sara caravans are the living proof of most Filipinos’ burning passion on this matter.

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Legal Claim: The Consequences of BBM’s Pending Petitions Prior or After Winning

legal claim

By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC Alerts

[VIDEO]: Jimenez: COMELEC aware of consequences of delayed decision on petitions vs Marcos bid

Legal Claim:No Substitute if the COC is Canceled

The Comelec must act upon the 9 pending petitions filed against BBM to avoid complications on his pre sidency if he wins. It is important to note that if the cancellation of his COC prospers prior to winning, substitution is not allowed. The Vice President succeeds. This is a legal claim.

Substitution is Allowed in Case of Disqualification

However, if BBM is disqualified prior to the election, his next of kin bearing the same last name could substitute his presidential candidacy. Senator Imee Marcos or his wife, Liza Araneta Marcos could do the job which is a legal claim. If it happens after winning, then a quo warranto petition can remove him from office.

Nuisance Case will be the Same as Cancellation

The nuisance petition has the same consequences as the cancellation case. However, Comelec spokesperson, James Jimenez hints that this is unlikely to be successful. The massive support from the people shows that BBM does not belong to this category. There are 9 remaining petitions. No legal claim here.