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The First Thing that Bongbong Marcos Wants to do After Going Out of Coronavirus Isolation

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores

BBM Can See His Family Soon after Coronavirus Isolation

Bongbong Marcos’ Simple Wants

Bongbong Marcos tells Choy Torralba that he will be out of isolation soon. He is adamant to see his family and friends again at close range. They might be in the same house with some of his immediate family members but he made it a point to keep a safe distance to avoid any chance of passing the Coronavirus infection to his loved ones.

Goodbye Boyish Looks

Torralba jokes that the boyish look of Marcos is already gone together with Coronavirus. He now looks like one Garcia actor. The namesake of the late President Ferdinand Marcos blames it for the lack of appetite. He said that it was really difficult to eat nutritious foods during his ordeal. His throat just feels like it’s covered with sand.

Out of Isolation Soon

He may already be out of isolation at this time of writing. However, he still needs to be careful. Marcos would surely donate his plasma when the doctor advises him that it would be safe to do so. The 2022 plan is certainly on track! Sorry to the detractors.

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The Coronavirus Supplement of Bongbong Marcos that Most People Ignore


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores

Vitamin C is Vital in Bongbong Marcos’ Covid-19 Recovery

Bongbong Marcos’ Treatment

BBM Talks to DYRF’s Choy Torralba about the medications taken to help ease his Coronavirus infection.

A Great Deal of Medications and Supplement

Marcos attests that there were many antiviral drugs given to him. However, his doctor was so keen on considering their side effects. Those that are not good for the heart are not one of them. Marcos stresses out that all throughout his ordeal, Vitamin C is a vital intravenous component for his supplement. It is crucial for his immune system.

Vitamin C Supplements

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid. It is necessary for the growth, development, and repair of all body tissues. It’s a vital element in many body functions. This includes the formation of collagen, absorption of iron, the immune system, and wound healing. It is crucial in the maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth as well.

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Choy Torralba of Cebu Talks to BBM Live on DYRF and FB – May 12, 2020


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos Shrugs off Rumors that he’s Too Ill or Dead

BBM is Alive and Well

BBM talks to DYRF’s Choy Torralba to prove that he is indeed recovering from coronavirus contrary to gossips. He is really a man with a mission.

He Just Wants to be Well

Marcos just concentrates on keeping himself healthy and boosts his immune system while rumors are going around. It is a favorite topic on social media that he may not be able to run for 2022 due to health reasons. He may be too hard on himself to put a serious restriction on his availability because he simply does not want others to get the infection from him. One maid is enough and luckily, she recovers with him too. They are both negative from

A Man with a Mission

As Choy Torralba puts it, a man with a mission will always survive hindrances that may come his way. After everything, he went through he can only learn how to beat the disease with flying colors and share this wisdom for others to benefit as well. The bottom line for Marcos is, we just have to be kind to others.

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San Miguel Boosts Marcos’ Kadiwa in Times of Crisis


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by QUEZON CITY

Senator Imee Marcos Full Interview After launching KADIWA in Quezon City

San Miguel Corporation’s Taking Part of the Kadiwa during Crisis

San Miguel Corporation (SMC) opens its first local farm produce stands in two Petron station. SMC prepares to open more such stores throughout Metro Manila. This is to help provide outlets for local farmers to sell their crops during the crisis. The Kadiwa store system exists during the former president Ferdinand Marcos’ era. The main purpose is to helps bring down the prices of agricultural commodities.

Petron Stations as Kadiwa Outlets

The two fresh produce stores now available are located at Petron Katipunan, near La Vista subdivision, and Petron Zabarte station in Caloocan. Both are under the Department of Agriculture (DA). The program is in support of the DA’s “Kadiwa ng Ani at Kita.” This is a nationwide Agri market program that aims to provide local farmers a ready market for their products, especially at this time when the Covid-19 crisis.

Private-Public Partnership

SMC president Ramon S. Ang is grateful to DA Secretary William Dar for giving SMC the chance to help the farmers through its Kadiwa program. Dar said that the Marcos project revival is a very important government initiative. It targets to support both farmers and consumers through a direct marketing scheme.

The Kadiwa ni Ani at Kita starts at the Food and Development Center in Taguig City. That is where major agricultural goods are sold at reasonably low prices. The center aspires to aid poor Filipino households. Senator Imee Marcos expresses her excitement as she confirms that most Marcos era projects if not all are always beneficial to Filipinos especially in times of crisis.

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Is BBM Retreating or Changing Strategy for the New Normal?

new normal

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos

We are not going back to normal anymore.

New Normal Preparation

Former Senator Bongbong Marcos is grateful to have survived the Covid-19 threat on his life. As he continues to recover, Marcos equips people through his vlogs with the essential knowledge to fight the disease. In reality, there’s no going back anymore as they used to. The world is now going to face a new normal once the ECQ becomes GCQ.

Older but Better

Looking a bit older than before, BBM explains that we may continue our way of life but it must go through various changes. Since the crowd is a culprit for the pandemic, this can be avoided by social distancing in transport vehicles, workplaces, and communities. There’s no hint whatsoever that he is retreating from his plan to run for national elections in 2022 contrary to rumors. He assures the public that he is getting better. However, he stresses the importance of the national ID system to put order into government provisions.

Strategy Change

At first, Marcos knows that divulging his candidacy too early into the game would be disastrous for his campaign. He is still not confirming if his candidacy is for the Presidency or Vice Presidency. However, some of his avid supporters notably impose the idea that he needs a running mate from Mindanao. That would give him an edge on the votes. This revives the gossips earlier that Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio is the best partner for him. Mayor Sara even jokes that she might run for Vice President!

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