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Robredo Drags Du30 to LP Mess a Week Before Facing Bongbong Marcos in a Recount


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A week prior to the recount, this is a hot topic in social media. Nothing can beat the thickness of Vice President Leni Robredo’s face. This is after she said that all the winners of the 2016 elections including President Rodrigo Du30 are affected with Majority Leader Senator Tito Sotto expose. Previously, the Supreme Court already set aside the first course of action on Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest that questions the integrity of the automated poll system of Smartmatic to pave the way for the recount on March 19, 2018. However, Senator Nancy Binay’s resolution on the issue enables the Senate to investigate then the Congress follows suit.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: VP Robredo, iginiit na apektado ang lahat ng kandidato sakaling totoo ang isiniwalat ni Sen. Sotto.

How Different is Fraud?

Robredo said that Sotto’s claims appear to be different from the grounds of her rival, former Senator Bongbong Marcos, in his electoral protest against her victory in the May 2016 polls. Both point out that they have evidence of digital manipulation that only the ruling party at that time is capable of orchestrating. Although, she did not elaborate on the subject.

Favorable to Marcos

Marcos congratulates Senator Sotto for bringing the “election anomalies” to the public. Robredo, on the other hand, proposes an independent body to look into Sotto’s allegations.

The Senate & the Congress VS. the Supreme Court

The co-equal branches of the government seem to be on a power struggle at the moment. Firstly, Senator Tito Sotto III claims in his privilege speech to receive information that the 2016 polls were tainted with irregularities. The early transmissions of votes and alleged proof of “foreign access” in the election servers are among the issues raised. Then, the House Minority Leader Danilo Suarez also laid out the analysis of the cheating reports that coincide with Marcos’ protest. Lastly, the Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno faces an impeachment case. Robredo takes this as a quick way to get rid of her.

One Week Before the Recount

A week prior to the recount set on March 19, 2018. Marcos continues to attend to social invitations from groups that consider him as the legitimate Vice President. Meanwhile, Vice President Robredo tries very hard to bring down with her the President who is in alliance with the Marcoses. The people can only guess the next development.

Sotto’s poll fraud allegations affect all winners in 2016 polls, says Robredo

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Senator Sotto Points Out Comelec’s Incapable Moves as per Jimenez’ Statement


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Majority Leader Senator Tito Sotto slams Comelec Spokesperson James Jimenez’ reaction stating it is premature to conclude that there are irregularities in the 2016 automated polls as he claims. Sotto challenges Jimenez to show him a circular or memo that authorizes transmission of votes to the server from May 8 to the wee hours of May 9, 2016. In the absence of such circular, Jimenez seems to admit that there was indeed irregularity in the 2016 elections, Sotto explained. Sotto’s privilege speech bears the alleged manipulation of the election in favour of LP bets. Bongbong Marcos contests the same for the Vice Presidency. He added that the Comelec just proves how incapable they are to handle such issues.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]:  The Comelec will be holding their own investigation with regards to the alleged irregularities on the previous election brought up by Senator Sotto’s expose. They state that what Sotto’s source says to be irregularities, may just be the security procedures that they follow prior the election.

Reliable Source

The Senate Majority Floor leader said based on his “impeccable reliable” source,  that votes are transmitted to the municipal and provincial board of canvassers as early as May 8, 2016. This lasts until the early morning of the official voting day. A foreign access to the election servers is also evident, the lawmaker added. But Jimenez said that they still have to check the accuracy of Sotto’s allegations.

Smartmatic’s Spokesman?

Sotto then slams the Comelec for defending technology provider Smartmatic which has custody over the transmission records. “Is Comelec now the spokesman for Smartmatic? Logs are digital footprints that can’t be easily altered. They should present the logs for the areas to deny my claim,” Sotto demanded.

Formal Hearing

Sotto said he will “present more logs” on Monday. “I suggest they wait for the hearing. It’s the best venue to plead their case,” Sotto told Comelec. Sotto through this electoral fraud allegations stressing that the there may be a compromise in the 2016 elections. He cites evidence from a source within the poll body – who said that there was an early transmission of votes and foreign access to election servers used during the automated national polls.


Comelec’s Moves

The Comelec said anew that it would continue preparations for the barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections in May. Despite fresh allegations that the electronic voting system is fraudulent. Jimenez said the poll body would push through with printing 18 million ballots for the village elections toward the end of the month or before the Holy Week. However, it’s enough that the Congress and the Senate are on to the case versus the Liberal Party.

Sotto challenges Jimenez to prove agency authorized vote transmission during 2016 elections

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Gov. Imee Marcos is the New Evita Peron of the Philippines

Imee Marcos

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Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos expresses admiration for “millennials” who have an “exciting reassessment” of the legacy of her father. They portray the late President Ferdinand Marcos as the most intelligent, competent, and effective president the Philippines ever had. Like her mother’s plight back then, who was the Evita Peron of the country, Gov. Imee Marcos is loved by the poor but viewed with suspicion by the elite. Since her senatorial bid has become obvious already, there’s no backing out. She is likely the next iron butterfly of Asia who inspires the less privilege to enhance their skills for better financial status.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]:  Imelda Marcos was compared to Evita Peron, being beloved by the poor but viewed with suspicion by the elite.

Evita Peron’s Legacy

Born into poverty in 1922 in squalid Los Toldos, she became an actress and wife of Juan Peron, the former President of Argentina. She wields a charismatic influence amongst the poor and working class of Argentina. Died in 1952 of cancer at age 33, her personal effects and memorabilia were auctioned by Christie’s in 2004.

Iron Butterfly Cong. Imelda Marcos

Born into the powerful Romualdez clan in 1929 in Tacloban, she enters Miss Philippines beauty pageant. She then persuades the mayor to give her the top prize. She married Ferdinand Marcos in 1954 when he was still a promising congressman. Imelda captures the masses with her singing and her beauty. Although she faces more than 150 court cases, she’s never found guilty of any. The PCGG confiscates a considerable amount of her personal possessions where some are for auction.

The New Age Evita Peron

Gov. Imee Marcos was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She is powerful in her own rights. The masses and middle-class Filipinos admire her being herself. True in any way. Bloggers tag her as “babaeng bakla” or a gay woman. She has the beauty, charm and wit of Evita ad Imelda combined. Most of all, she has the heart of gold in service to the people that the two political icons possess – definitely a shape changer. The envious elite cannot hide their viciousness – they are notable in using students and some commercial media in maligning Gov. Imee and her family.

The Truth Prevails

Despite the black media propaganda against the Marcoses, the Cong. Imelda, and children, Gov. Imee and former Senator Bongbong Marcos, continue to command a following. Imelda Marcos is Ilocos Norte Representative, daughter Imee is the province’s governor, while the late President’s namesake, can be the new Vice President of the country after challenging his loss in the May 2016 Vice Presidential race with concrete evidence against the Liberal Party. The people await the recount on March 19, 2018.

Robredo’s Camp in Denial that the VP can be Affected by Sotto’s Exposé

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10 Days Before Recount Highlight: Suarez Supports Bongbong Marcos’ Claim on Election Manipulation by LP


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House Minority Leader Danilo Suarez reacts on the expose of Senate Minority Leader Vicente “Tito” Sotto III. He bares that an “impeccable source” discloses that a “transmission” of votes already happened a day before polling precincts opened for the 2016 National Elections. Suarez reiterates that the manipulation attempt can result in a Liberal Party party presidency if President Rodrigo Du30 did not have a landslide win. This supports Bongbong Marcos’ stand on his election protest against Vice President Leni Robredo.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]:  House Minority Leader Danilo Suarez said that the manipulation attempt works in a way that if Du30 did not have a massive lead, the LP bet could be the President.

Ranking of Mar Roxas

Congressman Suarez added that Mar Roxas, the LP’s presidential bet during the 2016 elections is always on the 5th rank. How could he land on the number 2 spot after the election? The information that Sotto have right now shows a possible case of electoral sabotage. This prompts him to seek a Senate investigation on the issue.

Liberal Party No More

The Filipino people just have enough of fake news that the Liberal Party is famous for. The last 30 years is just full of it especially when it comes to the Marcoses. Filipinos are fed up with the incompetence of the two Aquino Presidents already. This is the very reason why the Philippines now has a President with an extreme personality. President Du30 says what he thinks and he is openly against the Liberal Party leadership.

No Comment from the OVP

The Office of the Vice President refuses to comment on the current development as far as the election fraud is concerned. However, its lawyer retains his stand that the PET already cleared that out by rejecting the first course of action of Marcos’ election protest that questions the integrity of the 2016 elections.

Marcos’ Consistent Stand on Election Protest

Former Senator Marcos is happy as “he is no longer a voice in the wilderness.” At last, there are others who recognize what he is fighting for. He is confident more than ever that his plea can lead to the disclosure on how he was cheated during the elections. This way, the people can have democracy back and the leader that they voted for.

Gov. Imee Marcos Reminds People of her Father’s Heroism: ‘History is not Done with me Yet’

Sotto exposé has echoes of YouTube video on 2016 poll fraud

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How is the Shoe Industry after Imelda Marcos’ Collection Scandal?


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The former Philippine First Lady and now Congresswoman Imelda Marcos is not crazy about expensive shoes. This is contrary to the black media propaganda here and abroad. She does not even have to buy one. The 3,000 to 7,500 pairs of shoes she left behind during the 1986 EDSA revolution at the Malacanang palace in 1986 are samples given by shoemakers themselves for her to promote. Such a popular endorser definitely boost the industry’s reputation as a whole. Where is it now after fake news castigates Cong. Marcos for the ironic shoe collection scandal?

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]:  Leila Benitez: Every time the shoemakers make a new pattern, they send a copy to the former First Lady Imelda Marcos. It was how she promoted the shoe industry of The Philippines.

The Collection is Back to its Hometown

Marikina is the Shoe Capital of the Philippines. It is a progressive shoe industry that the former first lady promoted by heart. It is also the home of the world’s largest pair of shoes by the Guinness Book of World Records. The Shoe Museum preserves most of the controversial shoes of Cong. Marcos. Who would dare take care of such collection but the makers themselves? The industry will surely thrive continuously because of the Filipino determination. However, a promoter like Marcos could enhance it a hundred folds.

Misjudging Imelda Marcos

The media misjudges Marcos on the subject if not purposely trying to malign her reputation.  They have no idea how many livelihood programs she organizes for the development of the shoe industry in Marikina. Some of these shoes are tokens of appreciation personally made for her in lieu of her help. The rest are samples for new designs.

Love for Humanity

There is no way she can wear all of the shoes recovered but because of their sentimental value, she keeps and cares for them – like how those shoe entrepreneurs give value to their shoe business in memory of her kindness.

Mentality Clashes

The elite who controls most of the country’s giant local media can only put negative colors into Imelda Marcos’ shoe collection for their own advantage. They know that the former first lady is admired by the Filipino masses. The foreign press people can also easily ride on to the mentality of the elite. They do not have the same sympathy and pride most Filipinos have. There is no way they can understand that a well-loved figure like Cong. Marcos can help alleviate poverty just by inspiring her people. It only takes one good leader to inspire the rest of the constituents with utmost talents.

Marcos-Aquino Feud: Bongbong Marcos’ Renewed Popularity is Caused by ex-Pnoy’s Incompetence