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Anticipating a Favorable Ruling for the President’s Anointed


By: Elena Grace Flores
The presumptive VP’s camp urges the Presidential Electoral Tribunal to release a copy of the committee report on the initial recount of votes in the electoral protest filed by Bongbong Marcos. This seems unecessary when the deliberation is already the next day. Her counsel said that the SC only decides whether election protest will continue or not. Meanwhile, Marcos is confident of ousting the sitting vice-president in a legal challenge. This would place him a heartbeat away from the Presidency as PDu30’s anointed if the ruling is favorable to him. The loyalists are quietly anticipating his victory.

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ABS-CBN News[VIDEO]: Robredo’s camp seeks copy of PET’s committee report on Marcos protest

October 8 Deliberation Round

Atty. Romulo Macalintal swears that Robredo would remain as VP whatever the Presidential Electoral Tribunal’s decision would be. This is because the tribunal would only rule on whether the poll protest would continue or not, he said. They should know that BBM’s family was in talks with the President, a political ally, to end the government’s three-decade hunt for the billions of dollar hidden wealth. Although there are evidences that the former first lady Imelda Marcos desperately seeks the attention of the Congress to prioritize its claim constitutionally but to no avail. At the end of the day, the PET fails to act on the electoral protest on October 8. The deliberation’s new schedule is on October 15.

Marcos is Expecting a Favorable Ruling

“We are definitely sure that when the recount starts the true result will emerge and prove that the votes in the vice-presidential election had been incorrectly counted,” Marcos told reporters. Marcos, 60, narrowly lost the vice presidential election last year but he filed a case with the Supreme Court alleging the victor, Leni Robredo, cheated by manipulating computerised vote counting machines. The 8-6 rumored SC ruling which is favorable to Marcos initially leaks but the Chief Justice denies it.

A Political Comeback

Victory for Marcos would cement his family’s remarkable political comeback. This is after 31 years after a famous “People Power” revolution saw millions of people take to the streets to end his father’s 20-year rule. The family was forced into US exile. Although the family remains popular with Imelda, 88, as Congress representative for the solid north.She dreams of his son Bongbong to become president at the right time.

BBM Can be a Step Away from the Presidency

The vice-president takes over should the president die or becomes incapacitated. Du30, 72, admits to having a range of health problems, including a cardiovascular illness. The President insists he is an anti-graft crusader. He also openly admires the leadership style of the the late President Ferdinand Marcos. Senator Imee Marcos was one of his presidential campaign supporters. Du30 mentions something about the settlement on the wealth cases. Bongbong Marcos also confirms that his family offers to sign a “quit claim” deed in which it would identify properties and assets it had acquired legally. Then, relinquish its claim to whatever else the government finds.

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Leaked Supreme Court Voting Denial on Bongbong Marcos’ Protest Fails to Convince Analysts

Supreme Court

By: Elena Grace Flores
Just shortly after the Supreme Court that sits as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, postpones its decision on 2016 vice presidential recount – a media entity leaks the alleged en banc voting that favors Bongbong Marcos. The analysis said that it is most likely vote 8-6 in favor of the protestant. Immediately after the controversy SC Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin denies such opinion but he fails to convince many political analysts given the obvious facts and situation.

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ABS-CBN News[VIDEO]: Possible outcomes of Marcos-Robredo electoral protest

Robredo Cannot File for BBM’s Protest Dismissal

Robredo cannot claim victory just through the ballot recount. Bongbong Marcos has three causes of action that could invalidate Robredo’s slim margin of 263,473 votes.“First, that the certificates of canvas were not authentic. They came from tampered vote counting machine. Second, that there was massive fraud in Basilan, Lanao del Sur, and Maguindanao. Nothing is valid in those places. And third, that there were malfunctioning of vote counting machine in 22 provinces. This includes the five highly urbanized cities.

Making President Du30 Look Bad

Understandably, the reason why Robredo hangs on to her position is the fear that a reversal of the decision could delay her political ambition. To continue to affirm her victory despite the uncertainties could reduce Du30’s strong image as president. Investors will be adamant to complete projects like the construction of new airports to promote tourism. Another one is  a rehabilitation of our railway line in Bicol and a new one Mindanao to provide easy access in the delivery of agricultural products, construction of new dams to improve our water system. Additionally, the breaking up of the telecommunications industry by allowing another party to join the industry, and the building of more bridges and new one along Pasig River, plus the assurance to import our fruits and agricultural products to help our farmers could slow down.

The Continuity of the Marcos-like Administration

Some suspect that the President wavers whether or not to support the Bongbong Marcos for the Vice Presidency as a way to ensure the continuity of his administration. Currently, the current administration has similar platforms to the Marcos administration in many ways. His independent foreign policy and populist economic approach to economic development have made him overwhelmingly popular. But if he goes out of line, it is possible that the country would be in chaos.

More than Just Politics or the Supreme Court

Robredo can only revive the arbitration court decision to instantly renew the country’s indifference with China, whichis favorable to the US. The issue of the five US military bases could be revived. They would seem like our best defense against China. Then the pro-Americans will use to discredit China over the disputes on some islands in the South China Sea. Although to the extreme the exploitation of natural gas and oil in the Reed Bank can go ahead without the prohibitions in the memorandumof agreement. Back to square one so to speak and getting only minimal benefits from our resources.  If Robredo succeeds in her quest with the sponsorship of the US, all the plans of President will go nowhere. Du30 knows that she is the next leader who would allow the US’s dominance in the Philippines.

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Anxiety Attacks the Presumptive VP on What Marcos Knows


By: Elena Grace Flores
Although the Presumptive VP, Leni Robredo hopes for a favorable ruling from the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, she is not confident. No matter how she convinces herself that the turnout of the ballot recount is for her, she still has anxiety attacks. There might be things that Bongbong Marcos knows that she doesn’t, she added. The high court postpones its ruling on Marcos’ poll protest with the possible voting to October 8.

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CNN Philippines[VIDEO]: Robredo camp claims Marcos’ group is attempting to cast doubt on the vice presidential vote recount.

Based on What Robredo Knows

We cannot decide for the court and I cannot discuss the case, but we hope for a favorable decision considering that we know what happened during the entire process, Robredo said. She then accuses Marcos of tarnishing her reputation. Despite her arguments, worries can never escape her.

Atty. Vic on Marcos’ Side

Atty. Vic Rodriguez for the Marcos camp explains how some election protocol breaches happened. Such as the missing audit logs among other things. Atty. Romulo Macalintal said that the protestant’s spokesperson is lying. However, it’s the public opinion that counts.

Election Integrity versus Anxiety Attacks

Back to Robredo, she claims that the landmark ruling is “bigger than Marcos and her. It also illustrates the integrity of the local elections and the judicial system. We need to trust the system because this electoral process declared me and the President as winners, as well as all incumbent officials. If we do not believe the electoral process, it’s like we’re saying that everyone in power now is a fraud, the one with anxiety said.

Possible Outcome of the Ruling

SC Spokesperson Brian Keith Hosaka explains that all 15 members of the high court have been given copies of the poll recount report. They are prepared by Associate Justice Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa. Although, they are yet to decide on Marcos’ poll protest.The recount result will determine dismissal or the extension of the recount scope to other areas beyond Iloilo, Negros Oriental, and Camarines Sur.

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Imee Marcos Hopes Critics’ Payback Time Where Credit is Due


By: Elena Grace Flores
As the Supreme Court’s ruling on Bongbong Marcos’ protest is about to unfold, pro-Robredo groups stage their support to the presumptive VP. Human rights activists also attack martial law anew. However, the late President Ferdinand Marcos finds favor in Du30’s eyes. The palace defends the fallen leader saying that the military rule saves the country from communism. This prompts UP figures to plan in teaching students about martial law. Senator Imee Marcos thinks that the idea is good for as long as they get both sides of the stories. Looks like the payback time of the anti-Marcos is near – a credit that is long overdue.

YouTube video by[VIDEO]: Imee Marcos: Good for UP to teach martial law, but get our viewpoint too

Freedom of Expression

Senator Marcos welcomes the initiative of UP to educate the youngsters about what transpired during her father’s martial law regime. She just hopes that her family will have the chance to divulge what they know. Meanwhile,Robredo criticizes the government in spearheading alleged revisionism that makes her rival, Bongbong Marcos’ father looks good. Many Filipinos think that despite her camp’s mind-conditioning efforts, justice wll be paid where the credit is due.

Inciting to Sedition

Robredo, the leader and face of the opposition, is among the 36 individuals who face inciting to sedition complaints after Peter Joemel Advincula – the man behind the viral Bikoy videos – accuses them of plotting against the Du30 administration.

One-Sided Human Rights has No Credit

Human rights lawyer, Marlon Manuel is set to discuss the complaint against Robredo. He cites the alleged harassment against the opposition and what it means to the rule of law in the Philippines. Manuel is Robredo’s lawyer in the inciting to sedition complaint. Therefore, the show can only be a bias one in favor of his client.

False Victory Claim by Robredo

Earlier, former Senator Marcos said; “We are appalled once more by the brazenness of Mrs. Robredo and her Liberal Party in claiming victory. This is in my still ongoing election protest. The tribunal announced that no action has been taken by the court on the Caguioa report,” Marcos said in a statement.

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This Happens when the Seniors Donate their Musical Passion


By: Elena Grace Flores
Nostalgic moments abound but nothing can mesmerize musical aspirants when they see their alumni from 43 years ago play a very significant overture. This is despite the fact that it has been more than 30 years since the members of the group play together. Once again, the Seniors of the Rondalla Pioneers of the South brought back to life Aureola by Brigildo Lakandazon. This is during the recent 43rd year anniversary of the Lourdes Parish Rondalla in Cebu with the title; A Bond United by Music through Time. Naila Ylaya Beltran herself, their original mentor directs the magical performance – at least to the musically inclined individuals. To donate one’s talent is indeed very rewarding.

YouTube video by
Elena Grace Flores [VIDEO]: Aureola by Brigildo Lakandazon is brought Back to Life by the Rondalla Pioneers of the South.

Regrouping was Never Easy

The Juniors with Mercy Lapiña’s Facebook group chat is the key to reuniting the rondalla veterans of Cebu. As a school teacher, Mercy spearheads the regrouping tasks. She believes that to donate one’s talent to the youth is the ultimate goal. Cyriel Pavo Lepiten of the Seniors group as a musical mentor to this date, supports the idea all throughout together with his very passionate colleagues. These two passionate leaders passion is really contagious – beating the odds along the way.

Present Plan to Donate Time

Since the existing group members now have different professions, it is a lot of sacrifice for them to donate their time and money during practices. Besides, they are also not getting any younger. A more comfortable practice facility would be ideal. Holiday gigs are in the horizon after finding a good home for this worthwhile endeavour.

The Rondalla Pioneers of the South Identity

The group needs to operate sustainably. To allow this to happen, sponsorships are welcome to compensate some musical provisions. This is on top of the musical gigs for events. Sponsors will be chosen according to the ideals of the organization. Their identity is as good as their sponsors.

Cultural Music Preservation

Music has evolved greatly in the Philippines. However, it is wise for Filipinos to preserve the traditional rondalla. All foreigners are amazed at their first glance of a show like this. Even most Filipinos themselves are not quite familiar with these kinds of instruments because the rondalla is significant only in Cebu. Listening to the experts play can definitely change lives.