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UN Campaigned for Cost-Effective Healthy Diet

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization or FAO is advocating on promoting healthy diet utilizing natural produce that can’t do any harm to humans and the environment when utilizing and processing them. However, it is common perception that it’s expensive to eat well – but it’s really not the case. It’s just a matter of educating people that that healthy stuff even found in our own backyard can look and taste good.

Since fast food advertisements are rampant these days, advocates must use visual strategies promoting healthy eating. Salads should look good to entice for example. Mixed of vegetables with bits of lean meat should be appetizing to see just like the crunchy fried chicken on TV. If the mentality of the general public changes for the better, spending on diet-related ailments which is 75% of the overall healthcare expenses will be minimized according to CDC. Not only that, greenhouses gasses contributors will be 24% less without the destructive farming techniques.

In 2050 when the world population is predicted to reach 9.3 billion by the United Nations, at least 3 billion more people will be competing with the resources available since the world population currently is at 7 billion. Therefore, further campaigns are needed for this project. If each responsible individual helps in advocating for this health cause – educating the rest of the population on healthy eating, this will not be a problem. On that note, we leave you with this question. In your own capacity, how can you promote cost-effective healthy diet that is not only sustainable for a long period of time but also environmentally-friendly?

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Smoking Worsens TB Recurrence

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores What’s the use of getting treatment for your TB if you don’t stop smoking tobacco? Nothing – you are just triggering its recurrence and put yourself into the verge of danger if not, instant death – but mind you, long after strenuous sufferings! There’s nothing to debate with this topic at all. It’s just plainly destructive to combine Tobacco with TB.

This danger warning just did not come from nowhere. 5,567 TB patients in Taiwan were examined for the study. Bacteriologic testing confirmed their TB status. These are patients who went through the long process of treating the disease. Despite of that, 1.5% suffered repetitive TB condition and double that for intermittent TB cases among smokers. Bear in mind that TB is a contagious disease that is airborne, so even if you don’t smoke but living with a TB patient, you are prone to be infected by the disease as well.

The above study was presented during the April 2014 issue of the International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, and published online. Smoking Tobacco in unhealthy even to people without TB said Chung-Yeh Deng of National Yang-Ming University in Taipei. Chung-Yeh Deng is also the initiator of the research study.

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Rose Plant Ingredient is Arthritis Cure

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Gopo – the key ingredient of rose plant’s fruit known as rose-hip is found to have the healing wonders for arthritis – great news for six million arthritis-stricken British nationals. These chemical-free medications are now finally available in the United Kingdom at very reasonable cost.

According to studies conducted, scientists confirmed the proven herbal benefit of the component that can relieve joint pains especially in the hand area. The remedy has been tested to humans and the result indicated that 90% of the pain can easily diminish with the use of this miracle compound.

Rose plants that are producing rose-hips belong to rosa canina species and data of the studies conducted can be found at the site. According to the report, it was in Denmark that supplementary form of this herbal cure eased the pain of participants at the rate of nine out of ten. This already is a substantial help for these people afflicted with hand arthritis. They can already take care of their needs for daily living independently – like when eating or going to the toilet!
The above findings were reviewed and verified by the Frederiksberg University in Copenhagen then recorded in the Open Journal of Rheumatology and Autoimmune Disease. Patients that have tried the comfort brought about by the natural element of rose-hip will not likely go back and use other over-the-counter painkillers!

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Adults can also have ADHD

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD which is always the diagnosis of a child who is too hyperactive, doing things without thinking and someone who never focus on something can also be detected among adults. If you think you are ironic because you can’t stay still, get bored when paying attention and irritated with details, you may be suffering from ADHD.

It may be harder to see the symptoms in adults because they may be just caused by stress, anxiety or over work but talking to a therapist will make the task very simple. If there are too many people around you who get exhausted when you are around, then it’s probably time to check the doctor for once in your life. You may not suffer from being anti-social if you know how to take care or control yourself – sparing yourself from disappointments and away from having low self-esteem!

ADHD drug consumption increased double in number from 2008 and 2012 based on the drug store administration organization report (Express Scripts). Despite of mature people not paying attention on whether they are suffering from ADHD or not, 0.5% of adults aging from 20 to 44 were still on ADHD medications in 2001, says the VP of authority practice at Express Scripts, Dr. David Muzina. It passed the 1% imprint for male patients in 2004 and for females in 2005, and continuously increasing from that time on. This clearly shows that ADHD is not just a childhood condition – it can continue to adulthood when not closely monitored or worst, neglected!

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How to Blog for Somebody Effectively

By: Elena Grace Flores
Writers love blogging because this is an opportunity to show own personality, opinions and passion – but what if you have to blog for your boss? Blogging for your boss is not easy but it can be done with lots of practice. Becoming an expert regarding the subject can also make you confident. However, do not lose yourself if you need to imitate somebody’s style to write his or her blog. Read this article:

How Imitation can Kill the Innovation Inside you

By: Carey Nieuwhof

If you’re like me, you like to track with people who are ahead of you in age and stage, and probably ahead of you in their level of ‘success’.

Chance are you do this in real life (I hope you have mentors) but you also do this online.

Thanks to social media, smart phones, tablets and access to anything anywhere all the time, almost everyone tracks with some ‘celebrity’ type leader.

Please hear me. This is a great way of learning and growing.  I do it too.

Having a personal discussion regarding the subject and picking the boss’s brain about the specifics of the topic can help a lot in writing the details of the blog. Very personal facts can be hard to obtain but when properly done, the blog can be very popular due to its original and controversial nature. Pretty exciting in the end!

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