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Male Insecurity is Just in the Head


By: Elena Grace Flores


Male InsecuritySexual Dysfunction is a common problem of men especially when they reach middle age. Issues such as erectile dysfunction (ED), impotence, loss of interest in sex, premature ejaculation, anorgasmia and inability to sustain erection are prevalent. This makes them feel insecure especially those who are with life partners. However, it must be known that most cases are reversible by psychological therapies and by taking dietary supplements. Administering these drugs without proper prescription from licensed medical practitioners is however discouraged. Here are areas that must be explored to fully understand the psychological factors with regards to sexual dysfunctions:

  1. Depression is a very powerful force that can cause psychological impotence. Loss of libido or lack of interest in sexual activities is a symptom of depression. In itself sexual impotence is a very depressing experience to any man. This must be discussed with a healthcare provider to properly assess the situation and to come up with effective remedies without beating the bush. Being ashamed or embarrassed about the problem will hinder possible solutions.
  2. Performance anxiety is developed by men who suddenly experienced one or more erectile dysfunctions during sexual intercourse. The focus during sexual activity is diverted from sensual feelings of pleasure to fearful thoughts that erectile dysfunction might happen again – giving more probability for it to occur – which is very frustrating for both partners.

  3. Lack of senate focus happens when at the time of sexual intercourse, problems about money or business matters creep into the mind – which is the most sensitive sex organ. When the mind drifts to other matters, concentration on the sensual act is destructed – that eventually leads to loss of sexual focus. This will cause the erection to subside – making it impossible for intercourse or deep penetration to happen.
  4. Anorgasmia happens when men cannot reach orgasm or also called as delayed ejaculation. It is a medical condition in which ejaculation difficulties are experienced either during intercourse or by manual stimulation. Ejaculation may not happen at all or takes a long time from 45 minutes or longer after thrusting continuously.Psychological causes on this involve:
  • Disturbance in the person’s mind that sex is a sin due to religion
  • No desire for the partner
  • Getting used to unusual masturbation habits
  • Traumatic personal events or unforgettable infidelities including anger towards the partner

For years it was acceptable to believe that sexual problems are part of growing old. Modern science already debunked this myth. Nowadays, with many treatments available, there is no reason why men cannot be sexually active even in their 70’s. Men’s health should be given importance and attention in order to avoid such occurrence. When intimacy in bed ends, it is hard to keep up with the strains in the relationship. Women should be supportive to their partner in this aspect. Men may be the masculine gender but they are not machines. They need the care and understanding by their other half to keep their sanity.

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Soy Has No Real Benefits for Menopausal Women


By: Gemma Lagasca


SoySoy milk, tofu and edamame beans were known helpful in preventing the episode of hot flashes in menopausal women – but this has been contradicted by the newly released study from the University of California, Davis (UC Davis). It indicated that these healthy food shave no capability whatsoever to prevent menopausal-related night sweats and hot flashes.

The real score emerged based on the research conducted among 1,651 women in their 40’s ten years ago – who were not yet experiencing hot flashes at the time of the initial tests. Some were normally taking more soy on their diet but most of them were not. The researchers followed them for 10 long years and found that many of them have experienced menopause-related hot flashes including those who regularly take soy-enriched foods. Therefore, the organizers concluded that there is no concrete evidence that women who take more soy from their diet will have lesser episodes of hot flashes. However, there are still more all-natural remedies that are known to reduce menopausal-related symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats and mild depression since ancient times. Pick your best choice from the following list:

  1. Black coshon– is one of the best-selling supplements in the United States. Many studies confer that it helps prevent hot flashes compared to placebo. This remedyis extracted from the roots of black coshon plant from North America. However, patients with liver disorder are prohibited to use this treatment.
  2. Flaxseed oil and flaxseed – are helpful menopausal symptoms relievers. They are rich with lignans – that are estrogen-producing elements helpful in balancing female hormones.
  3. Red clover hoping – is mostly used by many women. It has a natural chemical compound of estrogen that helps ease menopausal symptoms. However, women who are diagnosed with estrogen-positive cancers of the uterus or breast should consult their physician first before trying this remedy.
  4. Wild yam – is an alternative for hormonal therapy. Infact, it is sought-after in the form of pills and creams despite the fact that no clinical research has been recorded to support that it will indeed relieve menopausal symptoms.
  5. St. John’s Wort – is a herbal plant. This can be used to help improve the mood of depressed individuals – especially women in the menopausal stage. It is more effective when mixed with black coshon. The mixture will quickly relieve the depression and mood swings of an affected individual.
  6. Dong quai – is a beneficial herb that aids women with hormonal imbalance. This has been used in ancient Chinese treatments. However, it is not officially declared that it can ease hot flashes until now.
  7. Calcium from fat-free milk – prevents bone loss due to sudden drop of the hormone level among women on menopause. Women who are under 51 years old need at least 1,000 milligrams calcium per day andwomen above 51 should increase their calcium intake to up to 1,200 milligrams a day.

On the other hand, ginseng is a mood enhancing remedy. It helps in lifting up the mood of menopausal women. It enables them to have a good and relaxing sleep.

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Capturing the Joy of Intimacy


By: Gynn Flores


IntimacyAn intimate relationship with somebody we love and care for is what most of us are longing for. It is a real joy for a person to experience moments of bliss regardless of gender, social status or nationality. In conservative cultures, intimacy is regarded as a reward of commitment but liberated people can become intimate with each other even without it. Commitment is considered by most people as important but not mandatory for some before getting intimate with each other.

In the bible’s book of Genesis, it was clearly recorded that it wasn’t good for man to be alone and so the Creator created a woman to perfectly complement his existence and to keep him company. She’s called a woman because she first existed for a man to be complete – to nurture and help him always in his endeavors. This should be the basis of a man and a woman’s sexual connection- that can follow after a long pursuit of commitment, as a by-product of a commitment-based love. No wonder that even with the aid of sexual drug enhancers there are couples that can still be unsatisfied with their union because of the absence of this kind of intimacy that is regarded by most people as follow:

  1. Being close to someone without inhibitions
  2. Being vulnerable, open and dependent to someone
  3. It is in giving to and receiving from another person that compose the deepest part of who we are- affecting our hopes, fears, secrets and our emotions
  4. To know and be known by another human in a special way
  5. To be one with another person in body and spirit like that of a relationship bound in marriage with trust and fidelity

There are other intimate relationships aside from romantic intimacy. You can be intimate to a friend, with a family member, with a co-worker but the deepest and most meaningful intimacy is that of a husband and a wife who share not only their hearts but also their bodies in sexual intimacy. This can only be fully enjoyed by married couples without inhibitions. In one way or another, sex is a responsibility that husbands and wives are bound to provide for each other and can be further enhanced by prescribed remedies when male wellness is an issue.

Doing it with someone that you love, respect, trust, care for and adore will feel as natural as breathing as one even with drug enhancers. On the contrary, do not expect lustful acts to be as fulfilling despite the use of any modern drug enhancers because if there’s nothing to be enhanced, it will still fail!

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Herbal Garden for Alternative Remedies


By: Elena Grace Flores


Herbal GardenYou can’t blame people for switching to medicinal plants for their home garden with the onset of alternative medicine. Ancient healing are never regarded as things of the past. Instead, they are being revived due to their tested health benefits. It is therefore advantageous to grow these kinds of plants in your own garden. You can just pick them from your backyard or pots if you’re growing them indoors – when the need arises. These are some suggestions of very effective plants that you can practically grow at home:

  1. Herbs and spices are known to have medicinal values even during ancient times. To give a concrete example, turmeric which belongs to the herbal family is used for Ayurveda Medicine and garlic which is a spice is known to lower blood pressure.
  2. Tea can also be grown in your backyard. There are varieties to choose from. You can either pick and boil them straight after harvesting or dry the leaves before boiling them.
  3. Aloe Vera has various medicinal values.  It is noted to make hair grow by just rubbing a newly cut branch with its sap dripping on your scalp. It can also thicken sparse hair.
  4. Ginger is known for its therapeutic effect as remedy for arthritis, sore throat and some stomach disorders. It can be taken as tea or used as topical liniment.

  5. Nettle plant is known for its astringent, expectorant, tonic, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. This is why it is called as a wonder plant.
  6. You can also add flowering plants in your herbal garden that can be made into potpourri by drying them up, mixing them with twigs and making them into ornamental centerpieces. They will generate an aroma that is soothing and relaxing to your senses.

Herbs are plants that are used for their scent, flavor and therapeutic properties. They can be processed into dietary supplements for complementary or alternative medicine by pharmaceutical companies. Their versions in capsules, tablets, teas or extracts are widely sold by health outlets.Note that certain elements of these herbal plants can interact with some drugs that you may be taking.  It is therefore recommended to eliminate doubts by doing the following:

  • Consult your doctor first.  Many doctors are well versed with the contents of specific medicinal plants and they can recommend or disapprove whenever they find them beneficial or harmful for you.
  • Do not take a bigger dose of what is recommended. Your body can only take so much.
  • Take it under the guidance of an experienced herbalist. This way, you can avoid making mistakes on the dosage, administration and combination of herbs with conventional medicine.
  • Be especially careful if you are pregnant or nursing. This is to make sure that there will be no side effects for you and your baby. You are vulnerable to infections and side effects when your system is not normal. So, take only what is approved by your doctor.

As herbal plants are 100% natural, they are still regarded as safer compared to most conventional medicines that are chemical-based. Study the needs of your family for these natural plants and prioritize in planting them in your garden. You can also share them to those in need or even sell them through your local market when your supply is too much. Some people definitely make a living out of it.

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Keeping your Body Trim without Deprivation


By: Gynn Flores


SlimmingGood nutrition is the key to staying healthy. Maintaining good health entails a balanced diet, good hygiene and exercise. It also requires clean living – which means staying away from alcohol and drugs. People who are living a healthy lifestyle can function well and enjoy life even during senior years.

Taking snacks in between meals in moderation can help in preventing you from eating in bulk. Remember that healthy eating does not mean that you have to give up foods you like best.  Just learn to balance the food items from the different food groups. The following are the 3 basic rules for a healthy diet that can be enjoyed:

  1. Variety means you include in your meals food items from different food groups. As a rule, there is no single food item that can supply all the needed nutrients that your body needs. Choose food items with different colors. The more colors or varieties, the more nutrients your body can have.
  2. Balance means that you must eat the right amount of food from the different levels in the food pyramid every day.  This way, you will get all the nutrients and calories your body needs for maintenance and development.

  3. Moderation means that you are cautious on not eating too much of anything belonging only to one single food group. The right amount of servings in each food group would depend on your age, gender, and body size and activity level as well.

In our youth, we have all the energy to indulge in sports and fitness activities. This should continue during adulthood. Allot some time for this as a way of socializing with your friends, workmates or loved ones. A game of tennis, badminton or bowling would be few of your choices. Schedule it on a regular basis – around three times a week. If you prefer the gym, then hit it off. Sweating it out and burning calories increase metabolism. Toxins will be washed away also through the pores during the process.

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