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Quick Social Media Posting


By: Elena Grace Flores

English: Infographic on how Social Media are b...
English: Infographic on how Social Media are being used, and how everything is changed by them. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is already very simple to just copy and paste a link to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more but what if you have to do this regularly to all these social media and more? Perhaps you already experienced being slowed down by faulty internet connection or just getting fed up in doing the same old routine for many times a day – then it’s time to make use of helpful inventions like Hootsuite. After all, it’s free and you’ll also have some fun while using it.

Basic Registration Procedure

Just log in to Hootsuite and sign up for the free service. You can also pay a minimal fee for Hootsuite Pro where you can post to unlimited social media plus other benefits. There’s no hassle at all because once you’ve provided your email address, it will automatically search for social media account associated with that. You just basically have to select which ones you prioritize for the free service by clicking on the options provided.

Easy Posting Steps

The steps in posting links using Hootsuite is very easy. You don’t even need directions for it but if you insist, here there are:

  1. Login to your Hootsuite account that you set up earlier
  2. Notice on the right hand side of the top level bar – the space with a note saying: Click to select a social media network
  3. Click the social media that you intended to post the link on from the ones uploaded during set up
  4. On the space at the left side of the top level bar, where it says: Compose message, type in a short intro and attaché the link
  5. Wait for few seconds to generate link preview then click: Send now

In just one easy process, your link can now be posted to multiple social media. Saving you time and preserving your good mood. Try it and for sure, you will like it!

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Lyrics of Most Popular Songs

English: Miley Cyrus singing in concert
English: Miley Cyrus singing in concert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Miley Cyrus are still in the top list of this week’s Let’s Sing It most popular songs – a reputable online music platform for song lovers. This is actually a compilation of 1,000 hit songs – not just title listings but with links to their corresponding lyrics. Massive effort that deserves recognition by those who happen to benefit from it. Check this out:

Songs / Most Popular

By: LetsSingIt


Rank Artist – Song
1 (=) Rihanna
2 (=) Pink
3 (=) Macklemore
4 (+275) PSY
5 (=) Justin Timberlake

Getting the lyrics of your favorite songs is already that simple. This can also be your guide in getting to know the current hits, if you’re really into music – saving you time and allowing you to get updated with the songs that are presently dominating radio stations and entertainment arenas. Certainly a big help if you did not have the chance of going out these days. Hope you enjoy this.

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Cha Cha at its Best

Snappy, elegant, creative, original and passionate moves –  make the cha cha, a classical latin dance looks so vigorously entertaining. You might not be a dance enthusiast but if you watch this video, you wish you have that dashing presence on stage. Here’s the video that should not be hidden beneath Youtube files:

Sergey Surkov & Melia – Cha Cha

Posted at Youtube by: NoielaDanza Italy

The grace, confidence and good looks of the dancers plus the chemistry between them added to the elegance of the dance. Dancing techniques, choreography and presentation lay-out are definitely the works of experts. Truly an inspiration to dancers who are trying to make it to the peak of their career or been there – done that. Simply, amazing!

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Lyrics: After All

There are always songs that stick on your mind even if you did not know who the singers are – whether it’s the melody, rhythm or lyrics. Although this rendition of Cher and Peter Cetera is so melodious that you can be lost in space – just listening or humming with it, the lyrics are so truthfully powerful that they will hit your innermost being. It doesn’t matter if you are a hopeless romantic or still hopeful – as long as you are human, these lyrics would mean to you despite how terrible your love life is:

Cher & Peter Cetera – After All [On-Screen Lyrics]


Posted on Youtube by: LyricZone242

After All – is a great material for reflection if you would like to get a conclusion on the kind of relationship you have or on what you want to have, emotionally speaking. One thing is for sure – human beings  are geared to find that sort of connection with a partner… a love that will last despite the odds!

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Son, I Love You



By: Geraldine G. Flores (Ms. “G”) 

Español: Regreso del hijo pródigo, Louvre
Español: Regreso del hijo pródigo, Louvre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rebellion sometimes happen when parents unintentionally hurt their children while trying to discipline them. No matter how hard it is, we should always honor our father and mother regardless of the situation – because they can’t be with us forever! Here’s a short script between a brother and a prodigal son…

Najmi: Rahim, Rahim.
Rahim: Why are you here?

Najmi: “There’s no place like home, my dearest brother,.” So you better come home with me now.
Rahim: I’m sorry, but this is my home. I’m happy here. I don’t think father would like to see me – for him, everything I do is wrong!

Najmi: Of course not! Father is just telling you things for your own good but you don’t listen to him, you ran out of the house! Mother is always crying because of your absence.
Rahim: Excuse me Najmi. You’re just my younger brother. Don’t act like father. Go back to your house now! I’ll stay here. They’re nice to me. They’re like a family to me now.

Najmi: I really don’t want to get angry with you Rahim but I’m having difficulty controlling myself but I can have more patience because of father. He pleaded for me not to be angry with you. He wants you to go back home because he loves you so much!
Rahim: Loves me so much? Huh! You’re kidding! I know- he doesn’t care for me. He even scolded me over the phone, so – I hung up.

Najmi: Even for the last time, you don’t want to see father?
Rahim: What do you mean for the last time?

Najmi: Father’s gone – and it’s all because of you! (both with tears in their eyes now)
Rahim: What? Father’s dead? Oh no! I don’t believe you.

Najmi: Yes, it’s true, when you hung up on him over the phone, he had a heart attack but before he died, he asked me to give him your picture. He embraced it and he said, “I love you my son. I miss you. Please come home.”
Rahim: Father…. I’m so sorry. I love you too father. Please forgive me.

Najmi: (Nods his head) Let’ go home…
Rahim: Yes and from now on I’ll be a good son and a good brother to you also.

Lesson in life: We can lose a loved one in an instant so, always let them know you care.


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