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BIR is Against Tax Exemption Policy for Manny Pacquiao

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

English: Shortly after the weigh in for the Ma...
English: Shortly after the weigh in for the Manny Pacquiao-Joshua Clottey Fight in Arlington, Texas. In the background are Bob Arum and Jerry Jones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What can we expect from the Philippine’s Bureau of Internal Revenue Commissioner, Kim Henares over the tax exemption bill passed by lawmakers for Manny Pacquiao and othe great athletes? Of course, she will do everything in her power to oppose it. Citing that it’s the citizens’ obligations to pay taxes from the start and it’s unfairness to other day to day heroes who are earning less. Does Kim Henares knew the government’s obligations to their people? Hear her out:

Henares opposes bills seeking to exempt Pacquiao from taxes


Bureau Internal Revenue (BIR) Commissioner Kim Henares called the proposal to exempt Sarangani Representative Manny Pacquiao from income taxes for life unfair.

Henares said some ordinary Filipinos put their lives at stake in their line of work, but are not given tax breaks.

She added that if Pacquiao will be granted a lifetime tax exemption, based on the bill filed by Valenzuela City Rep. Magtanggol Gunigundo, celebrities and other athletes, who also give honor to the country, should also be exempted.

When will the government exhibit protecting the welfare of its people – when it even failed to inspire good tax payers to do more? If the plight of Sabah suicide land claimers had been forgotten after the death of Sultan Jamalul Kiram – where total abandonment was obvious by the Aquino administration, many native Filipinos did not. Just waiting for the right time perhaps for their turn  because indeed, life is like a wheel!

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People who are Violent to Animals can be a Threat to Society

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Dog Dance
Dog Dance (Photo credits: Giphy)

Many women animal lovers choose their life partner based on  their pet’s approval with a particular suitor. This is actually very logical because often, people who are violent to animals can be a threat not only to you but also to the society as a whole. Take the case of this man who was accused of kicking a dog under his care:

Man accused of kicking dog in video has violent criminal record



A former employee at a Johns Creek dog grooming business is facing animal cruelty charges after police say he attacked a dog in his care.

Police say Marlon Williams had a duty to care for the dogs he was watching while working at Unleashed on State Bridge Road. But Channel 2’s Mike

Petchenik obtained surveillance video, police says, shows Williams attacking one of the dogs – for seemingly no reason.  

It’s quite a worry seeing videos online with teenagers kicking dogs to death. We can’t help but wonder what they are for?Seems like an act of madness and it is disturbing that there are substantial demands for it  – or else they won’t multiply on social media. It’s about time to impose tough laws against animal cruelty like in the U.S. and we might be able to lessen crimes in the third world countries.



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World Bank Backing up Philippine Recovery after Typhoon Yolanda

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

English: Capitol of the Province of Leyte, Phi...
English: Capitol of the Province of Leyte, Philippines. The capitol is located at Tacloban City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

38.8 Billion Pesos supplemental budget is needed to rebuild Tacloban that was wiped out by the recent outrage of typhoon Yolanda. This is only for the first 5 priorities – relief supplies, shelter, livelihood restoration, utility services and immediate infrastructure as per Foreign aids are pouring in and the people are asking – where do they all went. Maybe this will help:

Philippines: Timely Reconstruction to Lessen Impact of Typhoon Yolanda—World Bank

By: The World Bank

December 6, 2013WASHINGTON, December 6, 2013 – Timely implementation of the country’s recovery and reconstruction program will reduce the economic and social impact of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) and help the Philippines maintain a high growth rate that benefits the poor.

500 million US$ sounds like a lot of money but Philippines need more than that at this point in time. The initial budget of 38.8B is not yet final because what about hospital manpower, medical equipment/facilities and many more to at least counsel depressed victims? Bear in mind also that although Tacloban was badly hit, so as other parts of the eastern region. Hope that many more generous bodies will help out in rehabilitating survivors from their unimaginable trauma – and thanks to all the countries, associations and individuals who are kind enough in contributing to the rebuilding of Tacloban and elsewhere.


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Christmas in the Community

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bow barracks on the eve of Christmas
Bow barracks on the eve of Christmas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A grand Christmas celebration in the community where you live might not be desirable when there’s hardships in many parts of the world – but taking some time during the holiday to gather together and join efforts in organizing one simple event will help a lot in building relationships. Take the case of this model community who have done lots of successful community outreach projects – just because, members sit down and talk as often as they could:

Bridgewater Community Christmas Dinner

By: ripples2waves

The Bridgewater Community Christmas is a community-building initiative that aims to bring people together from all walks to share joy, company and food on Christmas Day. This volunteer-run event aims to have this meal be accessible to all, and to celebrate this festive occasion as a community.
Come and enjoy a full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings (turkey or vegetarian), festive decorations, live music, children’s area, and a chance to meet & mingle with friends and neighbours. Everyone is welcome!

It’s understandable that you want to be with your closest of kin during Christmas Eve and even on Christmas Day – but any day could be Christmas when your neighbors help out in doing party chores to have that once a year memorable event. Go out of your way and remind everybody that this should not be missed out. After all, great moments matter!

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Media Contibution in Easing up Calamity Aftermath

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Six Ws of Journalism and Police Investigations
The Six Ws of Journalism and Police Investigations (Photo credit: Image Editor)

The media is sometimes blamed for misleading information – but in the Philippines, the media is a source of hope, compassion and strength for the victims – especially during the recent devastation of Yolanda. When it was true that the term “Storm Surge” did not quite make an impact, it was because – nobody knew exactly what it was. As you can see from stories after the typhoon that many journalists went where the eye of the typhoon was going, just to cover the story. Little do they know that they can lose their lives. Read this:

Journalism in time of calamity

By: Ador Vincent S. Mayol

If journalism is done well, it empowers communities, saves lives, dispels dangerous rumors, cultivates compassion and keeps hope alive.

These are some roles of the media in covering disasters, according to publisher Eileen G. Mangubat in her inaugural lecture at the annual Marshall McLuhan Forum on Responsible Journalism held at the Marcelo B. Fernan Cebu Press Center Theater in Cebu City.

It may be money, power or passion driving these brave journalists into chasing disasters – but one thing is for sure: that many media people would go beyond their duty just to help out in time of need. Let’s remember that they have families too and would not risk their existence just for worldly benefits. It must be some kind of adrenalin rush
coming from the heart!

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