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Visually Impaired and Blind People – Friendly Phone Choices


By: Gemma Lagasca


Phone for BlindNot all blind and visually impaired individuals are lucky to have lifetime assistants to take care of them wherever they go. In fact, many of them are professionals or have good jobs despite of their conditions. Mobile phones are helpful no doubt helpful for their daily undertakings. Phone technologies are designed to suit the users and their environment – why not for such disabilities? If manufacturers can come up with iPhone spy software for tracking just almost anything, there’s no reason why basic features to aid poor or no vision users can’t be done. Here are some phone features that you should look for:

1. Keypad buttons. Choose the keypad buttons that create sounds when pressed. Buttons that have larger size than usual are also helpful. They can feel the position of the letters easily. Make sure that there is a tactile marker on the number 5 key so that they can easily access and identify the adjacent keys. Keypad buttons that light up when touched are helpful to people with low vision.

2. Screen. Visually impaired people need larger text fonts and coloured screens. The adjustable colour or contrast will make the texts or displayed messages easy to read.

3. Memory and dialing feature. Voice dialing is definitely useful for visually impaired or blind people. They can easily obtain the contact number of the person they want to call just by voice commands. Once they uttered the name of the person, the phone will automatically ring the contact number. Some phones will answer you to you to confirm the status of the call.

4. Consider these minor but essential features.

  • Make sure that the unit is not too small to hold or to look for inside the bag.
  • The screen should be protected with a keypad lock to avoid accidental switch on.
  • A mobile with flip cover or slide up function to answer calls is convenient for them to use.

Appropriate Types of Phones for such Users

Android – The 2.1 and above Android version is not only useful as touch screen phones. They also have physical keypad buttons for Home, Search, Menus and Back function which are helpful for the blinds.

iPhone – has touch screen feature and built-in voice reader or voice over and zoom screen. These are suitable not just for the visually impaired but also for blind users. The good thing is – they are already included in the phones’ software – you need not purchase additional applications to activate them.

Big button mobile phones or popularly known as “senior mobile phones” are also not bad for those who can’t see well or no sight at all. This type of phone is specifically created for the elderly with visual and hearing defects. The displays have bigger font for easy reading. The phone’s basic functions include receiving incoming calls, making calls, contact lists and text messaging. Furthermore, this phone also allows easy access to emergency call switches.

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Traffic Lights


By: Gene Carla Chua


Traffic LightsSince the day that cars were created, automotive technology has evolved at a very fast pace. Everyone wants the most advanced and expensive car and cars are very important in our lives, but have you ever spared a thought for the humble traffic light? I mean without them, there wouldn’t be a safe haven for our cars to be in.

Commonly known as the traffic light, stop light, and traffic signal. Some may also call it traffic lamps, signal lights, even robots and semaphores. Whatever you call it, we all know what a traffic light is. We take it for granted every day, but without these, we wouldn’t be able to go to work, school or anywhere safely. Traffic lights have done a great amount of work for us, just imagine life without them. Have you ever wondered how these work?

There are two traffic light control systems adopted by most countries in the world; dynamic control and fixed time. A fixed time traffic control system is pretty simple. There is a set amount of time that one color is flashed. This system relies on an electro- mechanical signal controller. Do not be intimidated by its name, it is just a controller that moves and has a dial timer so that it can flash a given color at a fixed time.

On the other hand the dynamic control system adapts to the condition of the traffic. This dynamic system relies on a sensor. This sensor communicates with the traffic lights and gives them information about how the traffic is flowing. This control system doesn’t just change the time at which the colors light up, it also solves traffic jams. These sensors are either embedded in the road or mounted above the road. The first one uses inductive loop, so it basically just send information to the traffic light when a car passes over it. This way, the traffic light knows if there is a queue of cars, normal traffic flow, or if there are no cars at all.

This information helps the traffic light decide which color to flash. These sensors embedded on the ground, however are expensive and maintenance also costs a lot. The sensors mounted on poles above the road however, costs less in installation and maintenance. These sensors send the same information and even more. It can send real time photos, and other important data.

Now that we all know how traffic lights work, wouldn’t you want to know a little bit about its history?

  • On December 10, 1868 the first traffic light were installed
  • They were located outside the British Houses of Parliament in London installed by the railway engineer, J. P. Knight
  • In 1912 the modern traffic light was created by policeman Lester Wire, in Salt Lake City, Utah

These traffic lights play a vital role in the automotive industry, so it is also important to know about them as much as we want to explore the world of cars. As much as you hate that red light, don’t be too harsh on it. It has make the road a better and safer place. It definitely makes life easier and you can go to work and earn a living or go to your appointment without getting caught on an accident or a terrible traffic jam. Traffic lights contribute much to economics and make a place prosperous by improving efficiency on the road.

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The Software for Easy Tracking


By: Gemma Lagasca


Tracking SoftwareTeenagers are normally asking for a little freedom and privacy from their parents – but parents won’t have peace of mind when they don’t know the whereabouts of their children. A tracking device can settle the worries without arguments. You won’t be accused as a “helicopter parent” this way. Tracking their activities is a brilliant idea to locate your loved ones’ whereabouts.

What is Blackberry tracker software?

Blackberry tracker is software that can track the location of a Blackberry smartphone even in remote areas. The tracker software can give accurate information or details about a family member or a person’s activity and behaviour.  The only requirement is for the tracker and tracked person to have the active mobile phone with them.  The application enables for busy mos to monitor their children’s activities without talking on the phone. An employer can also be certain of the employees’ productiveness. Most of all, a husband or a wife’s hang out can always be trace if one has doubts.

However, not all cell phones are equipped with this kind of software. Upgrading a mobile phone is possible to carry the application for a monthly subscription for the tracking app. It will however be easier if both people have the same kind of smartphones.

What is Blackberry Mobile Tracker?

Blackberry mobile tracker is an advance tool for smartphones. It has the ability to record time, elevation, GPS tracking and others.  It can also provide wide-range statistical data from the mobile you are monitoring. Mobile tracker can analyse your total time travel, distance and speed. This type of device is recommended for parents to monitor teenage children’s location – especially when they drive. Mobile tracker is a free application for Blackberry mobiles but the higher software version will cost you $2.99 per month. This mobile tracking device can be used conveniently even overseas.

What is a mobile spy?

Blackberry mobile spy is a hybrid app which permits you to tract another smartphone’s current activities. This software is an excellent Blackberry tracker. The feature can do tracking location and activities at once. Once the software was installed to your mobile phone, you can actually upload and receive right away reports on the monitored person’s activity and location to your cell phone.

The Blackberry mobile spy can register the GPS location thru a link on the map. However, the strength of the mobile spy will also depend on the monitored phone’s features. Mobile spy tracker software is available in Blackberry phones, iPhone, smartphones, Android and Windows Mobile. You can subscribe the service quarterly at $49.9 or annually at $99.97. Blackberry tracker software is reliable for real time tracking. This tool is very convenient to use especially during delicate hours.

Family Tracker Application

Family phone tracker device – also called as Find My Phone app is a helpful phone application designed on how to tract a cell phone of a family member. It is the best solution ever if you want to make sure that your handy phone stays updated with information 24 hours every day or anytime of the day. There won’t be any denying husband, wife and children of their activities once this is in place in their cell phones.

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Computer Language Must be Imposed at Home, School and Business


By: Elena Grace Flores


Computer LanguageSchools need to adjust according to the changing industrial and market needs – to be able to produce graduates with 21st century skills. It is assumed that the curricula movement that involves the introduction of technology educational gadgets will prepare children to embrace new technologies.  With the onset of modernization, children have no problem adapting to these high-tech learning tools. Parents are the ones left behind – especially those who are not so in depth with change. But the thing is – it is helpful to the students when their parents are in sync with their line of activities and thinking. Here are steps that must be undertaken to face the new millennium:

  1. Acquire technological gadgets for yourself similar to what your children have. Communication during these modern times is a must. Things are done much easier and faster so treat it as a necessity rather than luxury to justify the cost.
  2. Know the features and functions of the gadgets you are providing your children. It is not enough to have them. You should know how to operate them and familiarize yourself with the features. You will be surprised how easy and helpful they can be. Most mobile phones have tracking devices where you will be kept informed of your children’s movements from one place to another without you bothering to call them. Normally they resent being monitored through calls. Cell phone tracking and cell phone spy will do the job for you.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the terminologies with regards to your gadgets. Children nowadays are so into them that sometimes they are surprised if not annoyed that their parents don’t know or understand what they’re saying. Age should not be a hindrance to being updated. It even feels good that you are very well versed with the “new things” even at work. People are catching up and investing time, money and effort to get updated – don’t stay aback.

When deciding what gadgets to buy for your children, study the features of what they aspired to own. This is to assess the product and to justify the cost. You can compare various brands available in the market. Iphones and Android phones are good choices. They are widely used practically anywhere because of their functionalities. One gadget can be used for both mobile phone and internet. Bringing laptops with them will not be necessary if they only need the internet access.

Schools now are also imposing to use mobile gadgets in place of text books. E-books are widely used in classes and research is done through surfing on the net. Activities are even performed online using a computer tablet. So, be positive with the fast emerging technical advancements and adapt to them too. In demand professionals are abreast with the latest technology.  It makes work less tedious and results come out faster. Reaching out to people will be on a larger scale especially when doing marketing online. If you monitor people in the workplace, you can also make use of the cell phone tracking or cell phone spy capabilities of your mobile gadget. Encourage your office to invest on these gadgets for your sales staff and monitoring them would be much easier. Speaking computer must not be ignored to ensure that manpower today and in the future are skilled technically.

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5 Best Tips to Project a Perfect Smile Ever


By: Gemma Lagasca


SmileEverybody loves photos isn’t it? We all love to take photos and catch every nostalgic moment we want to keep for a lifetime. We also project our perfect smile on every clicks of the camera.  Fortunately, we don’t need to become a celebrity to show the whole world our photogenic smile, and the best places and best event that we’ve been through—thanks to the latest technology! And also we love to share our photos to our friends by uploading them in the social media or even print them and put them in frames to be decorated at home.  But wait; does everyone know how to project a camera-friendly smile?  If so, here are some sparkling tips for your curiosity.

1.    Project a gentle and natural smile. According to Lily T. Garcia, DDS, MS, FACP, smiling gently and naturally will set your face looks relaxed. This kind of smile is also known as “parade” smile—you can hold on a striking smile for longer hours without an awkward-looking photo. Your mouth should be slightly opened and your lower lip should go along with the curve of your upper teeth.

Ms Garcia, President of American College of Prosthodontists also cited that “You’ll feel the edges of your upper front teeth gently touching your lower lip”. She also added that your cheeks may rise just enough but not too much.

2.    For women make lipstick your best buddy. Make sure to choose the right color of lipstick that will work for your skin color. Unfortunately, when you choose a dull and wrong color it will emphasize a yellowish tone on your teeth instead if you have. So Garcia says “The right shade of lipstick can make teeth look whiter”. Opt for shades like berry, plum, rosy pink and cherry red—the pinkish-based and bluish-based undertones will help hide the teeth’s yellowish tones.

3.    Don’t project with a double chin. There is an appropriate posture to pose a photogenic smile without the existence of double chin. According to the expert, Pamela McClain, DDS, do not slouch your body or move your head too bent forward. Instead, turn your head slightly while dropping your chin so that your face will not looks like a perfect square angle.

4.    Practice makes perfect. If you are thinking of a big event and expecting camera flashes will surrounds you on that event, take your time in practicing how to create a beautiful smile. Stay in front of a mirror and project the best smile that you can. You can ask a friend or a family member to take some photo shots to see if you’re projecting a stunning smile. Try to do it in different angles while moving or turning your head as you show your smart shoulder. Just feel the moment so that it won’t reflect a forced or fake smile.

5.    Maintain healthy gums and teeth. Even if you’ve got the best smile but have an unhealthy teeth and gums, it will only tear down your photogenic smile. Make sure to visit your dentist to maintain healthy gums and teeth because it’s a primary health concern.

Just be yourself and enjoy every nostalgic moment with your loved ones. Being naturally happy will show-off the best photogenic smile ever because it reflects the voice of your heart that’s coming from within.

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