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Paying Bills Online

Paying Dhiraagu phone bill
Paying Dhiraagu phone bill (Photo credit: blindscapes)

Late payments? Poor accessibility to payment centers? Hassles and extra budget for transportation or gasoline? Try paying bills online – utility bills, credit card, bank transfers and many more can be done right at your own home if you have an internet connection and computer. Worried about security? Don’t be – as long as you only log in and use the services of prominent providers or trusted sites. Please refer to this article for more information:

Why Use Online Bill Pay?

By: TopTenReviews Contributor

In 2004, less than 20% of Internet users were accessing online banking services. That percentage was expected to grow to at least 33% by this year—still only a fraction of all U.S. Internet users. Nevertheless, people are catching on. The Bank of America has tripled its business customers using online banking since 2002, and with the increased promotion of online banking services by banks themselves, online banking is gaining momentum.

You can actually make sure that you are always up to date when paying your bills when you enroll them to the online services provided by the suppliers. Even if you are working abroad, you can still manage your finances back home by using this method. This will also ensure that you are not a burden to others and safe from disputes when the trusted person appointed for this purpose does not do his or her part as agreed with you.  Cut out the stress – do it online!


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How Should the World Treat the North Korean Crisis?

English: Secretary Clinton met with British Fo...
English: Secretary Clinton met with British Foreign Secretary William Hague in the Treaty Room at the Department of State, May 14, 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

War break outs seem to be rampant these days – but the most serious move against the United States and South Korea is North Korea’s nuclear threat. Despite being directed to the two countries only, the world will be affected because its radiation effects are airborne – so, the damages can reach other neighboring countries and beyond. People will be killed, birth defects can ruin the whole generation and physical damages will be immeasurable. This should not be taken lightly although aggressiveness can only trigger the anger of North Korea. UK’s Foreign Secretary Hague has this to say:

North Korea: UK’s Hague calls for calm amid tensions

By: BBC News

British Foreign Secretary William Hague has called for calm over the North Korean crisis. Despite the “paranoid rhetoric” from Pyongyang, it was important to remain “firm and united,” he, said warning of the dangers of a “miscalculation” by North Korea.

Every leaders of relevant countries must be united so as to prevent making the wrong move. Damages can never be undone – so, this is the right time to call on the experts in war as well as the peace makers and see if North Korea can be pacified and get into serious talks as per their intentions or quest for that matter. No country will go for war if they are not taken for granted. What could they be fighting for?


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Benefits of Reading to Your Health

By: Gene Carla Chua

Brain Books 2010
Brain Books 2010 (Photo credit: brewbooks)

The practice of reading is a diminishing hobby. Why will you read the newspaper when you can watch the news? Why will you read a novel when a movie version of it is coming soon? Over thirty percent of high school graduates will not read another book for the rest of their lives and forty two percent of college graduates would not engage in another reading activity again according to educational surveys. This actually makes sense, since a generation or two ago reading was the most common passing time activity. These days, we have televisions, video games, social networks and there are lots of internet entertainments – setting reading aside. Still, it is an important skill and there are a lot of reasons why we should pick up a book and read.

Reading gives you a better ability to empathize with others. A study shows that people who read fiction could understand social situations in a deeper level. It helps you understand people who are very different from you. Reading also helps improve your mood. In a recent survey conducted in England, sixty three percent of the participants said that reading their favorite book or magazine helped them in calming themselves down. They have also said that reading influenced their lives for the better.

Reading could also help you find a new job. There are two job skills that employers mostly ask for or require from their employees – and that is to have writing and general communication skills. Well, you don’t really have to be a William Shakespeare to get a good job but it would certainly help if you know how to express yourself efficiently and concisely through writing. There are only two ways to improve your writing skills and that is to read and write.
Reading would also improve your memory and concentration. Compared to watching television, reading requires more effort from the brain since the act of reading asks certain parts of the brain to work in unison to decipher information in print.

Reading is the most vigorous mental exercise, and doing so regularly would improve your ability to focus and retain information. Like any muscle in the body, the brain needs to work out and reading is the most efficient way to strengthen your brain. Now, we all know that reading would most likely not help us to lose weight but a study showed that people who read regularly tend to exercise more. It’s not just that – readers are more likely to vote, attend cultural events, and volunteer because they are abreast with current events.

If you’re entirely not convinced that reading can improve your quality of life, pick up a book – and see how relaxing it can be. Unlike the Internet, it’s not filled with pop-up ads and other bells or whistles demanding short bursts of attention. Reading grabs our attention in a completely different way – it requires a sustained, contemplative effort that helps us gain a greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

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Eating Tips for Better Health


Mindless Eating
Mindless Eating (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ever since our first solid food when we were babies, our parents will always feed us until we are full – and we obviously get used to it until adulthood. This is basically why eating to the fullest is a normal habit by the human race and even animals regardless of where they come from. Now, it’s about time to read these eating tips if you want to live comfortably without suffering from dreaded diseases. This masterpiece has created a stir in the WordPress world and it is our intention to share this article with you:


Therapeutic Hunger: Habitual Mindless eating to Mindful eating


By: bhardwazbhardwaz


“Therapeutic Hunger” (TH) is the residual hunger that is still left when we don’t eat stomach full.  When we finish meals, and have eaten just the right quantity of food, that we don’t feel full and have left some space in stomach to properly digest the food . This sweet hunger is very therapeutic, as it helps optimise digestion, proper absorption of nutrients, and enough space for elimination of waste.


For sure, many of us will feel guilty upon reading this information – but better late than never. Let’s eat a little bit less than enough and feed our minors the same – so that the new generation will be healthier than we are now without too much efforts. It’s not just the right kinds of foods or the essential nutrients but also the amount of the total intake. Leave some space in your stomach so that the digestive system can function properly!


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Insights on Recent Global Stock Market Status

Removed background, cropped, and converted to ...
Removed background, cropped, and converted to PNG with Macromedia Fireworks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gone were the days when the rest of the third world countries were looking up to the economic progress of super powers like the United States and Japan. The year 2013 marks the all-time low U.S. dollar value when America is battling the worsening unemployment rate. Japan also has problems of its own. So, this means to say that the stronger currencies in weaker countries do not mean that those particular economies are doing well since the U’S. dollars have been the standard basis for the world’s currency exchange. So, if your local currency is getting stronger, it’s not the right time yet to rejoice because this also has negative implications. Get updated by reading this stock market update:

Stocks: Central banks take center stage

By CNNMoney Staff 

A worse-than-expected report on U.S. unemployment claims Thursday offset the positive tone set by the Bank of Japan, which had announced an anti-deflation program that exceeded already sky-high expectations.

Take the case of the Philippines where overseas workers are major contributors to the country’s economy – it sounds positive when news about the Philippine peso getting stronger is flashed over television screens. The real score is much felt by the families of these OFWs which is the opposite.   For one, the OFWs themselves could either lose their jobs or forced to settle with lower pays. The recipients of their earnings also find that the value of the remittances received are not anymore as substantial than they used to be – to the verge of budget shortages. So, next time you hear such news, verify the actual status and its implications by reading more!


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